Do I need to know Wealthy Affiliate Owners?

Last Update: June 29, 2018

This week, someone ran into my office and said:

Miss. Inform: Attorney TQ, do you know whose are the Wealthy Affiliate owners?

Me: Do I need to?

Miss. Inform: TQ you should be careful with these people. I found some bad info. on the internet about them.

Me: Oh, really, that bad? Lol

Miss. Inform: Yes, I found out there is a lawsuit against the company and it owners, and it is very nasty.

Me: Tell me about, love to learn from you.

Miss. Inform: The article said Wealthy Affiliate published misleading information about their competitors and committed a fraud on consumers by misleading them on their reviews. I heard the FBI involved as well.

Me: Interesting! You know I am still a lawyer, right? You know before retired, I represented some companies in this type of litigation, right?

As a matter of facts, I have built my reputation on winning this type of case. You know what, let hang out with these guys for a little while, I might land another big case. That not so bad? Lol

Miss. Inform: TQ you really want to do this? I thought you retired?

Me: What I got to lose? Yes, I m retired, but I am not retiring from taking a pile of cash if they offer it to me, right? Lol. Thanks for looking out. Let me know what you discover OK.

Miss. Inform: TQ, you are crazy!

So, what do you all think, should I contact Wealthy Affiliate owner?

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Dragi Premium
Why not? As you say, what you can lose?
OnlineBzDog Premium
Yes, the only thing is I am not a lawyer in Canada. lol. It is funning how people view a lawsuit as a bad thing but in reality, a lawsuit can be a signal of a successful company. People must look at the nature of the case. Sometimes businesses use the court system to gain a business advantage over competitors. I haven't look at the case against Wealthy Affiliate, but to me is no big deal, because civil lawsuit does not mean anything. It is part of everyday business, especially a successful company.
sb4269 Premium
When lawyers are able to burn a company BEFORE they do something wrong, Go Away!
OnlineBzDog Premium
How can any layer burn a company if they do nothing wrong? I haven't thought about this post until seeing your comment. Are you suggesting there is something going on in WA? If there is, why my presence in the community has anything to do with it? I am not involving in any lawsuit with WA. I am retired.

This makes WA looks bad because this post is indexed in Google.
I might have to get my intern to look into this now. It is a little troubling.
Loes Premium
I believe they can manage. There are a lot of reports online to find about the way of working of Mobe, here is one.
skendrick4 Premium
Miss Inform must have missed that the owners are Canadian. It would be out of the FBI's jurisdiction. Why not the CIA? Lol!
OnlineBzDog Premium
You got it...