Non-Indexable Content: New Google Webmasters Tool

Last Update: June 21, 2013
Just happened to be scanning over at Google Webmaster Tools (as I am apt to do on some of my problem children websites).... and look what I discovered: a new tool at Google Webmaster Tools!

For some time Google has been talking about giving Webmasters better tools and feedback to help webmasters get more insight as to why their sites may not be ranking. One of the most common errors non-professional websites have is trouble with Search Engines like googlebot being unable to index the content of sites. Here is a screenshot of where the new tool will give webmasters feedback.

You will find the new output under HTML Improvements under the Optimization menu.

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Shawn Martin Premium
Thanks! This will be a nice addition to the tool box
caylynn Premium
Was advised to add a meta title and description to each blog post and page to improve website optimization. If not, sure would like to be further advised. Thank you for this 'nugget' of information. ^_~12/12/7/1
onefineham Premium
You definitely want to have a unique title and description for each post. If you are using a self hosted wordpress blog then the easiest solution is to grab the All in One SEO plugin. Let me know what type of blog you have.
caylynn Premium
Doing good. Great that we just need to think of a blog or page as another paper trail of meta keywords. Thank you so much. GA report was amazing,
DoubleTap Premium
Yup... outstanding info... thanks!
kaliinozarks Premium
Great information. Thanks.