Botanical park events in shenzhen, china. lunar pig year

Last Update: November 16, 2019


Brings color style and activities to Shenzhen, The Flourishing and colorful Display and social events Surrounding the Bougain Villea Flower Show Of Shenzhen, Asia one of Wonderment and Playful scenes both for Children and Adults, Parks and Cultural Sites Around the city are putting on astonishingly unique and splendid shows


Dance, Art, research on nature for kids and sketching, international performances and musicians, football competitions, lawn tennis, bowls teams, panto, gymnastics, juggling comedy, varied Chinese instrument players, model airplane competition involving students, modern street dancing, extreme cycle display show and acrobatics. Traditional Opera, from Henan, Guangdong with period clothing

Zhongshan Park Nanshan, Shenzhen TOP:

Lianhua Park Futian, Display,Shenzhen BOTTOM:



This Involved Show Piece Event will run from 08 to 10/19 until 08/12/19 and of course with replacement flowers, re grooming and special events as on the organized schedule and well organized events all through the Month

This will Truly be one to participate in should you be traveling in China, I have been advised it is Country wide

Today is the 2nd day of the Event and activities have already begun, as this is not a holiday in china the evenings and weekends are the peak time for visitors

It is Now Become a Major Attraction in Shenzhen and is likely to continue to promote this particular city to travelers and businesses arriving to be entertained at this time of the year, for a whole month activities too!

Live Bands International and Domestic will perform on a grand scale, No expense is spared and I understand that the government are pushing lots of attention on this to work at it best

More Workers Drafted in preparation arrangements and planting, also security as you can imagine is crucial, to both protect property [flowers mainly] event stalls and equipment too. if not they will soon disappear!

Metro Stations are Being monitored and checked with diligence but the flow of foot traffic is well managed and channeled

Park entrances and access points are more park officers for added security patrolling and scrutiny on individuals that look like peddlers [and there a lot arriving and setting up shop quickly]

This Has to Be Controlled or it will turn into a fiasco with disruption bringing mess everywhere to every location, Here in china there is no real appreciation of values for most at ground level Pushing mean.

If a Quick Buck [Yuan in this case], is possible and at the sacrifice of the environment or society’s balance, it will be pursued like a dog with a rag. After all it may be argued that not everyone can enjoy good lifestyle of the big cities in normal circumstances

However I digress, so on The brighter Colorful side of things these activities and events are free to all the public regardless of where your’e from and that a big Thumbs up! Smashing!


From Far and Wide are out and about snapping and sending back to their respective agencies and News Papers

Videos and Broadcast on TV is also being transmitted to give rise to the event and its popularity, exposure and world stage Awareness Pushing understand

Nearby Lianhua Park is Children Palace, a stone’s throw away [50 feet] this CP is designed to integrate with the Park and has become an integral walkway leading from the Statue Of Deng Xiao Ping at the top of the mountain of Lianhua park, down and along to the other much popular Display of Shenzhen

Using the Buildings nearby with LED lights built into the Structures, enabling magnificent and fluid computerized 3D displays across al of them like in a Movie IMAX system.

So Together There is Daytime Beauty of the parks and night beauty of the Buildings,

A great balance and Carefully considered combination to Draw and excite visitors and residents


As Additional Features and if you are able to get up early in the morning [as i do to jog]

You can witness Taichi groups all in white attire, fluidly exercising with calm and purpose

Singers Exercising their Vocals which echos across the trees and open spaces, the reverberations are clever when you hear a woman and a man almost singing as a pair but in different location in the park!

Ladies Dance a From of Latin-Chinese Style, with fans that snap with precision, others with 3 feet trailers in red color, on a stick, others with tennis Racket and a ball, which is kept balancing on the Racket all the time during the dancing routines with accuracy and effectiveness its like watching water flowing from hand-to-hand

Professional and Old Kite Fliers are with their super funky reeling devices fitted with strap to position on user’s the abdomen similar to fishermen, and never seen before designs kites, being D.I Y customized.

Some as Large as 3 meters x 2 meters, Seriously though, to watch these ladies and gents raise these kites off the ground and into the skies it’s like everything the Chinese represent traditionally, Skillfully, Gently and Effortlessly

I for one find fun in it and impressive to observe

The Community Opposite Lianhua Park

Suddenly a Project has sprung up Offering Medical assistance, Nurses administering Blood pressure checks

and answering questions are in Order so Anyone can have a checks perhaps the Colder season now in Shenzhen and varying temperature causes concern especially for the elderly

Many are arriving at these Medical stations then process seems straight forward enough and takes about 5 mins


As a Convenience for workers the government of Shenzhen has set up access to restaurants for labor workers during this period that gives them Free water and Tea selected shops and restaurants are taking part in this social team building spirit


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NicolaR Premium
Hi Christopher,

Without realizing it you have described how to succeed at WA.

"Skillfully, Gently and Effortlessly"

As we set out on our paths to create a great website. All the effort we put into it will pay of. As we become skilful at what we do and
helpful(gentle),in our ways to attract traffic. Eventually this becomes effortless as we learn more about what we want to sell and learn more about who are audience is.

In the end this becomes like a beautiful flower display or the calmness of watching a kite fly in the sky.

Great Blog.

HeidiAnders3 Premium
Wow!! This is really terrific! Thank you for sharing with us!!🎉💙
megawinner Premium
Shenzen is a good place for something amazing. Thanks for the blog on it, Christopher.
Babou3 Premium
It's a beautiful place!
Thanks for sharing.

DaveSw Premium
This takes me back to the days over there...The images you added really bring the event to life too...I cannot help but think about the trips to West Lake in Hangzhou...

I appreciate you sharing this event, it looks really nice and a fun place to spend a day relaxing enjoying the flowers and fresh air. At the end of the day, that is what counts!

Dave : )