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Last Update: August 05, 2014

month one

Today is exactly one month (3-3-14) since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Since that time I have completed Level 1 training. (Although, I feel I need to review it and take more notes). I am half-way thru Level 2 training. I have written a lot of content and almost have my website ready to go.

Its just me and my personality, but I feel like I am lagging behind. I need to work harder and faster. Five more months to go to be successful.

Month 2 (4-3-14)

I am still a newbie but I have learned a lot about online marketing. Some aspects have become quite clear to me. It is very hard to find someone online honest enough to tell you how things actually operate.

Remember, their best money producing secrets, they will never reveal. Even though you are on a limited budget, you will have to infuse some money to take off. There are beaucoup ways to make money online and trends change on a monthly basis.

Most online money making campaigns have so many steps that people get lost or give up. It is hard. You have to fight for it, stick in there, and overcome the obstacles thrown up in front of you.

Despite, my looking around and learning (You Tube is a great place to learn) I have always stuck with my first venture Wealthy Afiliate. They give you the real stuff and there is a great community to help you. And hearing it 2 or 3 times helps make sense of it all.

This last month I started rounding out my website with the help of some outsourcing and some guidance from my mentor Scottdogg. My website has been registered with Google and I am checking keywords and their strategic placement.

Now its all about writing more content and driving traffic to your site. At present, thanks to the community, I have about 45 comments and I am looking for more. Check out https://honestonlinejobs.com and leave a comment. Every little bit helps.

The only disappointing aspect of WA that I have encountered is follows. You see when you send out a question or a request for members to visit your website ONLY the members in your community can see the message. Therefore, it is in your best interest to have thousands of followers not just hundreds.

I believe it is our numbers that make us strong but we are not taking advantage of that. I have sent out over 8,000 follows and I only have 1,400 followers who responded.

Here is one of the things I have learned in my studies. Any online marketer worth his weight has a list. What list? A list of thousands of emails that they have captured through their online businesses and will continue to use the rest of their lives.

This email list is how they can generate traffic quickly for any new endeavor. AWeber.com is GREAT for capturing emails. I suggest you join. Always, always be on the look out for new software to capture more emails.

Month 3 (6-3-2014)

Wow! It has been three months now. Time flies. This month has brought me much more knowledge and an appreciation of Wealthy Affiliate. You see, too many people are looking for the easy way. One of my favorite sayings, "if it was easy, everybody would do it". WA does not present you with the easy way. They give you the right way. It requires a lot of effort on your part but in the long run it works.

Also, I've learned, just act. I was trying to make my website https://honestonlinejobs.com perfect. Then a wise man told me, it will never be perfect. Just take action and correct things as you move forward. So, I said you are right and I registered with the various search engines.

Now, I am in shock because I am getting a lot of comments with 99% being positive.

I have not stopped there. I want various income streams that add up to a lot. So, I am not putting all my eggs in the WA basket. As I was taught in Economics 101, diversify. Thus, I have a couple of other things going that are also starting to work out.

I want to end with this thought. If you really want to succeed in an online business, a 100% guaranteed way is to have a guru take you under their wing and give you one-on-one training. If you ever recognize that opportunity is in front of you. JUMP on it. Find the money. It will be the best investment you will ever make. It will shave years off of expensive dead end lessons.

Month 4 (7-3-14)

Still working Wealthy Affiliate but looking around at other opportunities to try and diversify. Also, it gives me an opportunity to gather material for my website.

Sometimes I feel I am running around unorganized and not knowing what to do next. Therefore, I have started to simplify. I began to cut programs and I have narrowed it down to two enterprises. Wealthy Affiliate always remains the first.

I have continued to write content on my site and with a little advice from other members of the community, I am learning how to write to keep visitors on the page.

That is the key, just keep writing.

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Fred 112 Premium
I am with you on the need to reflect. It is an important step that is easily overlooked.
RateClip Premium
Sounds like you're doing great to me. Just stick with it. I'm almost where you are and find that the research and content building phase is quite tough. From what others say, it seems to get easier with practice.
Scoot Premium
As Trialynn says, just work at your own pace for however many hours you feel comfortable with. Otherwise you'll start skipping things and having to go back and start chasing your tail. That gets very dizzying.
Trialynn Premium
In this lovely community, you get to work at your pace. Just make sure it is a peaceful, enjoyable and continual!
Jen090 Premium
No worries, Oleskule. Everyone here learns on their own pace. Some like to do it almost full-time, some, a few hours a day. Glad you're back.