031: Today's breaking news on your blog - "The twist"!

Last Update: June 30, 2014

The object:

Take any of today's world/country/local breaking news headlines - [depending on your geo target audience], - and write about that news today and post it on ANY blog niche today!


Because people are searching for info on that topic more than yesterday?


Headline: Plane crash disaster! = Subjects/Possible words:

Loss, grief, technology, rescue dogs, shortage of goods, water, food, emergency supplies, operators neglect, overworked, underpaid, stress, .....etc.

Headline: The Economy sucks! =

Unemployment, work from home, insurance, investment, planning for emergencies, better education, start a business, be my affiliate, ..... etc.

Headline: OldMules kept in chains! =

Animal cruelty, neglect, teaching young people, better education, charity, knit for charity, donate to, pet care, pet foods, animal products .... etc.

The process

1. Scan the first page of the newspaper - what hit YOU?

2. Think laterally about the story - can I write about it as the story?

- - How can I break it into segments / subjects / etc

3. Write about the story as the story and lead the way into your "twist" subject that leads
them as to why they are now here.

4. Use the keywords for the original article and add others related to your "twist"

The result

If nothing else - you can help your overall search engine rankings at a minimum.

If your "twist" is closer to the subject - more visitors may look deeper into your site.


It is all about getting creative with your marketing, finding more free ways to generate traffic.


You are not a creative writer? Connect with somone on Fiverr.com - creat a deal with someone in your time zone or earlier zone - they get the headline and story from you - they write the article with the twist - you re-write/edit/check it - they get the $5 - you get free traffic and or better ranking. Rinse and repeat.

Swipe file

So that is it for toady - get creative with your marketing - think of your niche outside the box - build a "swipe file" with ideas - words - sentences that relate to a "twist" in your niche.

[Swipe file: Simple notebook file you add ideas, words, thoughts too related to the site/blog/subject - per project/site/blog etc - for later use to help the creatine juices].

More on that in the next blog.

Thank you for reading and I hope that gives you a little more towards your free traffic building methods.

Remember your "likes and comments" are appreciated - no matter what you have to say!

Be blessed with success!


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hgvgirl Premium
Great post. Learnt something new AGAIN!!.
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Cheers my friend for the lovely comment!
Make it a magical day!
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Thank you for the guidelines! I will do this. I check the news every day!
OldMule Premium
Cheers - thanks for the comment!
Be blessed with success!
apache1 Premium Plus
Great way to think outside the box as well. thank you very much. I hope that the chains are taken of the Old Mule you need to be able to roam about. Take care be well.
OldMule Premium
There's a song in that I am sure!! Ha!
Cheers for the great comment as always - appreciated my friend.
RussStewart Premium
Good food for thought OM! Well done!
OldMule Premium
Cheers Russ - [Maybe that is why I have a business called Out Box Think - Obt Ltd? Lol!].
Have a great day my friend!
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Good idea i Will implant this
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Cheers buddy.
Thanks for the comment!