A Small Achievement - I am Certified!

Last Update: November 25, 2020

Hello WA Family,

I have been doing this slowly for a few months now, and I finally made it for the first time to be a Certified Commenter! There were many days earlier where I didn't comment, and the earlier comments I've made got dropped off as it passes the 30 day period.

But at last, whenever I am waiting somewhere and have little to do, I will just go through fellow WA member's website posts who are requesting comments via my mobile phone. And today is the day where I finally hit the 50 comments mark!

This opens up an opportunity for me to earn some cash credits while I progress to work on my training, self-development, and website blogs, all contributing to my success in my affiliate marketing / online business journey.

Gradually, I aim to earn as much cash credits as I can which I can use to cover some of my membership fees or perhaps to buy new domains?

Consistency, Persistence and Discipline

Applying what I have learned recently, I strive to have consistency, persistence, and discipline. What gets scheduled, gets done!

I've have been setting myself a daily To-Do task, and that is to complete 2 comments every day, but on some days, I was able to do more.

In actual fact, this is to play catch up too, as I am still behind time by 18 days where I have a backlog up to 7 Nov. So in principle, I should have earn USD 9 by now?

Earn While You Learn

And I guess this is why Wealthy Affiliate is so fantastic. This system enables us to earn while we learn and grow our business.

Ok, I don't know if there is any catch or difficulty to earn credits from the comments after gaining the ability to earn cash credits. Hopefully, it is still as simple as that.

But if not, I think the Site Comment system is fantastic. I learned a great deal from reading fellow WA members' posts. It allows me to acquire other knowledge along the way and broadens my perspective outside of my own niche.

Sometimes, the topics are so relevant to my personal life, and I am glad to have gained and learned from you guys. *Thank you*

Providing Comments

I think many members have written about providing quality comments. For me, I have diligently read through all the post content before I comment. I avoid filler words, and if the topic is not too familiar to me, I will just skip and wait and do something else.

So I'm glad there are enough interesting topics for me to write genuinely about my views and how I feel relevant to the topic. And when I do that, I was able to quite easily go 5 to 10 liners to write up, which I hope is useful and interesting enough.

I hope I was able to value add to their posts with the content I have contributed. I was disapproved 2 times only out of perhaps 80 or more comments, which I think is because I misinterpreted the intent of the post only. :p

Conclusion - To Celeberate

I've read and learned from fellow WA member's blog that we should celebrate every so often when we achieve something. So I think this is one of them for me. This is motivating.

Wishing everyone an awesome day ahead!


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IamTracy Premium
Congratulations Richard :) A great approach you have there to managing time and also learning in creative ways at the same way as paying it forward :) Thank you for sharing.
OCH3943 Premium
Thank you, Tracy! Trying what I can to learn from others how I can better utilize my time. :) I'm grateful to be part of this community.
IamTracy Premium
You're doing great :)
RoseLee2020 Premium
Congratulations Richard!~^

Giving valuable comments is very important!
Keep it up!~^

Rose 💕
OCH3943 Premium
Thank you, Rose! :)
Eugene Premium Plus
Congrats Richard
OCH3943 Premium
Thank you, Eugene! I learned a lot from you!
Newme202 Premium
Well done and congratulations. You've done well!
OCH3943 Premium
Thank you, Simone!
jfcacho83 Premium
Congratulations !!!! I had a hard time to find out time to comment in fellow WA websites, but today you gave me the answer. Instead of doing anything else with little to no value like watching videos I can provide comments whenever I have a down time or waiting, time that I usually waist scrolling in social networks.

Thanks for teaching me something today. Keep the good work!
OCH3943 Premium
Hi Francisco, you are welcome! Yes, let's spend the time scrolling on fellow WA members' website posts, learn something and also earn something!