How To Make Stone Soup

Last Update: April 27, 2020

Ever been in a difficult situation where all hope is lost but got rescued just because your dynamic creative mind opened doors for you?

A long time ago in a medieval village came three soldiers who were so in need of food to eat. A farmer saw them and assumed they were going to ask the people around for food, so he quickly made an announcement to the villagers that soldiers were coming and they should hide inside, lock their doors and never open the doors when they come knocking.

And so they complied and locked all doors. When the soldiers arrived and came knocking on the first house and asked for food, the first village tells them the cup is bare. And this trend went on and on until one of the soldiers came up with an idea.


When they got to another villager's door, he asked, "do you have a cauldron and some firewood? We would like to make some soup. Now the villager thinks...ok, no harm in giving you what you asked for and so she handed them the couldron and firewood.

So the cooking began with water to boil and placing 3 large stones in the pot. Now news spread within the village that something unique is happening and quickly the villagers converged to see how a combination water and stones can turn in soup.

So the soldiers are standing around the fire and the villagers are standing around the soldiers. Out of curiosity, one of the villagers asked, "i didnt know you can make soup from stones," sure can, said one of the soldiers.

Tired of standing, one person asked, can i help? "perhaps," says one of the soldiers, if you had a few potatoes, that would make the soup even better," So the villager quickly gets some potatoes and were added to it. Another villager voluteered to help and a soldier said, "ah yes, some carrots would sure make the soup even better"

Soon others started adding garlic, barley, poultry, and other ingredients. One of the soldiers now called out and said, It's done and shares the soup with everyone. The villagers are heard saying, "Soup from stones! It tastes fantastic, i had no idea.


The stones are considers to be our big bold ideas; the contributions of the villagers. the capital, resources, and intellectual support offered by investors and partners. Everyone who adds a small amount to your stone soup is in fact helping your dreams come to fruition.

But what makes this story so special is the passion behind it. When onlookers see the passion you give to your business, goals and dreams, i strongly believe the forces of the universe will make it come to pass. Never doubt your capabilities and never worry about what other people think of you because when you do, you may never be happy.

Let your passion grow so big to make you grow so big.


This storyline was taken from the book Titled "BOLD" (How to go big,create wealth and impact the world) written by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler.

Keep staying safe everyone.

Peace Out


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