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So many affiliate marketers face enormous struggle trying to scale their business and I vividly understand those struggles because I had similar problems. And one of those major problems was getting people to my email list. Email list building has proven to be vital to any business and it’s no wonder that the experts who make 6 and 7 figures relied so much on that.This lockdown has brought more positives in so many ways I can imagine and I really thank God for that. Never in my life have
I am pretty sure we all have been drawn towards seasonal offers or special offers by top brands sparking urgency to buy a product. This tactic is nothing but a scarcity marketing. An effective marketing strategy that has been a round for a long time and still is. Many top brands like Nike, Amazon, Aliexpress, Restaurants and hotels are still using this amazing strategy to this day by persuading people to fill out a lead form and savvy marketers have not been left out too, as this has been one t
April 27, 2020
Ever been in a difficult situation where all hope is lost but got rescued just because your dynamic creative mind opened doors for you?A long time ago in a medieval village came three soldiers who were so in need of food to eat. A farmer saw them and assumed they were going to ask the people around for food, so he quickly made an announcement to the villagers that soldiers were coming and they should hide inside, lock their doors and never open the doors when they come knocking.And so they comp
A lot of people wonder why their websites are not attracting enough visitors and converting them into customers and i can tell you why. I am sure you must have heard of top marketers making mention of sales funnels or marketing funnels. Well, there is a reason why these funnels are used to their advantage, not just to attract visitors but convert these visitors into loyal and returning customers.WHAT IS A MARKETING FUNNEL?A marketing or sales funnel clearly identifies the customer journey towar
April 09, 2020
A communitywrote about how her positioned moved astronomically to under 60 just a few days ago, little did i know mine was around the corner. Just when i thought i was going to rank as i passed through phases here, i saw myself stuck and i was like....i will keep keeping on. And so last night after going through one of trainings, i moved from 75,000 to an amazing 30,765 in less than 30 days of being a member of WA. Talk about determination and will power because that is one jump too many but it
Maybe 100 views on this post might not be enough, but it sure is a plus for me observing the statistics on Linkedin. I have never had it so good with any content as i cannot ascribe myself an expert in content writing. Expressing myself in writing has always been my strength though but i get spurred to do more even when the feedback is positive.So this article "This Software is helping entrepreneurs turn their passion into profits" is the latest artricle i wrote which by the way took me an enti
The feeling you get when you land your first commission or client can be overwhelming. This was me yesterday when after publishing a post on the 7 mistakes network marketers make, sent it out, i was asked by a friend of mine who designed my website, and when i told her i did all by myself, she wasted no time in telling me to get one for her. Today she paid for my services ($400) and i am on my way to creating her website and give her business a commanding online presence.I will say, it pays to
For any small business to be succeful, it is imperative to set out clear cut goals. Yet, in the world of small business, many businesses lack a focused goal. Goal setting is a pivotal process for every business owner in every industry, but not all goal setting is created equal. Your goals have to be SMART to be as effective as possible. By SMART, i don't mean in the affirmative but implementing the 5 acronym of Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relavant and Time-bound. Now let's dive in to elab
THE IMPORTANCE OF MOBILE ANALYTICS: GIVING YOU A COMMANDING ONLINE PRESENCEHave you thought about implementing web analytics for your online business? If you haven't, i suggest you start utilizing it for a better performance for your website. In this day and age where technology is evolving and competition fierce, one cannot undermine The big question is, how important is mobile analytics?Truth is, mobile changes everything because more people than ever are living their lives on multiple screen
March 13, 2020
Six years ago, I joined wealthy Affiliate and was excited to have found this amazing online training institution. I looked forward to the next big thing with it but my mind was too young to absorb the the importance of patience and staying consistent. So I wandered off to something that would ‘get me rich’ chasing shiny objects, affiliate programs, all without success. The online space was agog with so many so called experts and online training platforms too.TOUGH LESSON GOING FORWA
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