SERPs and Google Analytics . Yikes!

Last Update: June 24, 2015

Well ... I finally opened my Google Analytics account yesterday and also started to check my SERPs. The Pages of my website are pretty boring in Google's eyes, except for a Product Review that I recently published that is ranked 6th on Google page 3. I'm putting my Product Reviews in a Page Menu so I can have several product categories. I'm pretty sure a site map is needed to make it easier for Google to find these Product Reviews.

Then I checked the SERPs for my Posts on my blog roll Home page. I found that my last Post on my blog role is ranked #1 on Google page 1 for the keyword that is in the title ... yippie! But here is the coolest part. The Post that is ranked #1 on page 1 ranks two Product Reviews # 2 and #3 on page 1. I am assuming this is because of common keywords used in all three pieces. So there I am ... position 1, 2, & 3 for the common keyword on Page 1. Am I pumped ... you betcha! This was so revealing, I've now started a spreadsheet to keep track of my SERPs as I add more content.

Nothing seemed to be going on after I opened my Google Analytics account yesterday. I mean the chart was flat lined. I was a little apprehensive about the status of my niche website. But today when I checked, there was all kinds of action. I actually had 151 page views, 116 sessions, and 113 users in the last 24 hours. I'm pretty clueless at this point when it comes to Google Analytics, but I'll get it. It looks like an amazing tool.

That's all for now ... it's a lot of excitement to absorb. I'm going to kick back, have a glass of wine, and watch the Giants baseball game.

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NWTDennis Premium
You can Google it or do a WA search above, but basically it is how your content (pages and posts) are ranking in Google's organic listing for the keywords you used in your content.

Our goal is to achieve Page 1/# 1 on every piece of content so as to help maximize traffic to our site. It's SEO and that is the basis of our endeavors here at WA.

Oh ... SERP = search engine results page.
TopAchiever Premium
Ahhhh! Just the reply I was looking for! Thanks so much Dennis! So appreciate your expertise and your simple approach.
TopAchiever Premium
Excuse my ignorance, but what is a SERP?
leoemery Premium
It stands for Search Engine Results Page
OsreeM Premium
Hi Dennis,you are doing great.Keep it up.
JeffreyS Premium
Great job. Keywords in title has worked well for me.
mama2karsten Premium
Congratulations! Keep it up. Wash, rinse, repeat… :)