How do you stay focused? The most difficult task for me

Last Update: August 22, 2018

Hello everyone,

Earlier this month I joined WA with no hesitation in mind. My goal is to be able to work from home as an affiliate marketer.

Throughout the training, which has been roughly 3 weeks and I am at level 3, I found that there are so many distractions around me and the self-doubt that keep popping in my head.

The worse thing is I am aware of it. However, every time when I do the study or research for the new product, I found myself either goofing off watching YouTube etc.

So my question is how do you stay focused? Wanna share some tips? Don't get me wrong I want this badly, I make myself go on WA and studying every day but I keep on goofing off. Maybe it's my ADD? such a new world problem right? What do you think?


Nuttanee Knight

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DianeWehi Premium
This is a very good question. i do the same. And it is so easy to do. I like you are aware of when you are goofing off. Its an opportunity to turn it around. Sometimes we need a little break, so no harm done and sometimes need a little discipline. At the end of the day, you need to be enjoying whatever moment you are in. No negative self talk, just acceptance of the moment.
Like the turtle, steady and forward :)

Di :)
firstlearn Premium
Perhaps you need to set your goals. Remember why you joined in the first place.

Procrastination is the easiest excuse in the world, but it is an excuse and not a reason.

PDrost Premium
Also remember why you started this in the first place! I started around the same time is you and with a full time job, wife, 2 kids, and school just starting it has been tough. I remember though why I am doing this, because I want more! Not just money, but more time spent with the family and doing what I want to do. The money will eventually come in one form or another later. I look at also as an investment in myself as well. I have spent the better part of 20 yrs. investing in and taking care of my wife and kids to make sure they need nothing and now I am going to do that for myself. This what helps me stay focused. I have my days, but this is an investment in myself and only I am in charge of it. If I fail in this it will be because of me. I am not going to fail, lol. Have a great day and hope this helps.
NuttaneeK Premium
It sure does! Thank you for the advice.
Godsmack12 Premium
Create a to do list and stick with it. This is where many fail because they want to work from home but let other things take over their focus you can't let that happen. You need to treat this as it's your career.
NuttaneeK Premium
Thanks for the tip, I am going to start making a list from now on!
snibbo71 Premium
The best way to avoid this is to create a To Do list. Before you do anything else, sit down and create a list of tasks that you need to do with your websites and with your training.

You can use Google Calendar or something else to help manage your tasks.

Having the tasks listed in front of you regularly - and possibly reminders sent to your e-mail occasionally - will keep you focussed so that you can tick something off every day.

And close Facebook and Facebook Messenger on your browser and your phone :)

By the way, I LOVE the choice of image for this post - it's so appropriate :)
NuttaneeK Premium
Thank you for the tips! I will sure to make a To Do list, since I get distracted easily.

lol I know right? I feel like I am Bob the gold fish from time to time.

Thanks again!
snibbo71 Premium
I also find it's extremely beneficial to me to put some music on in the background - or wear headphones if necessary. This helps me to cut down external stimuli and for you, would perhaps cut down the temptation to watch YouTube videos instead of creating your content, because you'd have to interrupt the music to listen to the video...

And put your phone on silent :-)