How Long Is Too Long

Last Update: November 12, 2018

I need some advice here.

So far all my posts have been indexed by Google. But the last one I did nearly a month ago hasnt been indexed yet. It is quite a long one with 2200 words. It is a list of things with images added. So I'm wondering if it is too long and needs to be edited down or maybe I have too many images. Anybody have any ideas?

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CandP Premium
Hey Nancy, we are in a similar situation. Recently all our posts have been indexed within a couple of days but we still have one out there that has not been indexed for over a month. We have not used Fetch at all, so far, but we are tempted. Will give it another week or so, just as an experiment. Nobody really knows the wonderful ways of Google, that philanthropic entity out there that we all need so desperately.
Just hang in there and it will happen.
Colette and Philip
lesabre Premium
Hi Nancy, Google would accept 2200 words. Was it unique original content. Sorry had to ask. Also your images do they meet the size requirements. Google for some reason does not like too many images. All the best. Would appreciate feedback on the outcome.
jlclayton1 Premium
I had the same thing happen on a few of my posts, for some reason Google didn't index them like the rest.

But about the time that I started getting increased organic traffic, I got a message that Google had indexed 8 of my posts in one day--all of them were the ones that hadn't been indexed months before.

I think that once my site got enough authority to start getting better rankings, Google was willing to index all of my content. Maybe that's the same thing happening on your site?

cld111 Premium
You can request google to index it. I do that for every post now and they all get indexed.

I follow this: - Christina
Jadatherapy Premium
Hi Nancy

I would love to know that answer myself, so thank you for asking.