Some thoughts for our Val's day.

Last Update: February 14, 2018


A time we all go out of our way to show not just love. But extra..extra..extra love to the ones we love and hold dear to our hearts, be it our spouses;partners/civil partners,parents;mums/dads,siblings;brothers/sisters, aunties,uncles,cousins,nephews,nieces,friends and even our PETS!! huh! Did you just say pets?! Yea.. i did, some of us will go over the moon just to show them how much we love them.

So this day i want to challenge/ encourage us to try and step out of our comfort zone and show some LOVE to a TOTAL STRANGER! It could be the homeless man/woman down the road, the hospital you've been meaning to pop in but never did, the old people's home to say hi to some elderly's, the orphanages and whole lot of others! Just a hello/hi could put a smile and light up someone's face today and i promise you, you will be happy to have accomplished that. Lets keep the love flowing in this community! Happy valentine's day to you all

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despatis Premium
Congrats Nnakife, for going premium and for posting your first blog within Wealthy Affiliate. Well done and to be continued.

To your success,
Wealth2018 Premium
I missed the Valentine's Day challenge but here in Costa Rica I have a chance every day to smile and say hello to a stranger. It is such a good feeling and most people can't resist a smile and give one right back!
Bibian2 Premium
Happy Valentine day to you Nqueen. Not only that today is a Valentine day. It is also the day we remember that we are dust and we will one day go back to dust.
Today is really a mixed up day , day for love and a day for sober reflection.
Thanks for sharing
Nqueen Premium
You are so right! Its the beginning of lenthen season, a time of sober reflection indeed!