The Heart of Gold.

Last Update: December 27, 2021

Hi my WA grand friends.

I'm so touched with all your supports and prayers. You all have the heart of gold.

Here in Malaysia, most of the places affected by the rain and flood are under control. The victims have been evacuated to a safer place.

There are so much work to be done. Great losses including lives. Many volunteers came to offer their services. Cleaning up the muddy places, removing the damage assets and importantly giving moral supports to the survivals.

During this kind of mishaps, we could see the unity of a nation. The spirit of brotherhood regardless of race, language or religion. So Awesome!

As for me, I am in Johor Bahru, about 320 km away from my son. In Johor Bahru, we are fortunate at this point not to be affected by the weather. Although there's a bit of rain here and there, the sun is still showing itself.

Thank you my dear friends. Appreciate your kind spirits.

Till next update...


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Bridges Premium
Prayers continue on your behalf for both you and your son, Norleila.
Yes, the majority of the people in this world are willing to help anyone in their time of need. It is only the few who are greedy and seek to control others that create chaos. We are all brothers and sisters and should show kindness towards eachother always. Enjoy the sunshine. 🌞
Norleila Premium Plus
Thank you Archie.

Well spoken. Points taken.

Have a great day.
MrIslam Premium
Humanity is all about reconaising each other and whenever there is a need to help other humans in difficult situations, we should help others as best as possible... It's a huge Deeds in Islam...
Norleila Premium Plus
Awesome MrIslam.

Life is interdependent. It's great deed to be supportive of each other in good times and not so good time.

DragomirVC1 Premium Plus
It is hard,I know this!
But kind human change this!
Norleila Premium Plus
Yes Vasile.

Kind human change this.

God bless.
Zoopie Premium
In times of trouble we discover our humanity. It is a shame it takes a crises to open peoples mind.
But , apart from the loss of life, I am pleased as it could have been much worse.
Norleila Premium Plus
So true Stephen.

Very grateful, it's still within control.

God bless.
CherryRed20 Premium
So happy that everyone turned out alright despite of the 'mishaps.'

Norleila Premium Plus
Yes Myra.

Thanks for your kind words.