I just finished Level 2 OEC course. Need more!

Last Update: April 05, 2020

Hi everyone,

My Name is Norbert, I'm 28, and I'm from Romania.

I work as an engineer on construction sites. I've spent my last 5 years working on different construction sites starting in Romania, Hungary and finally Ireland.

I landed in Ireland 2 years ago.The hard times that affected all of us due to the well-known pandemic turned me into researching on how to make money online.

I first found some YouTube videos promoting different type of online businesses(now I know they were affiliated marketing videos) and I was interested in the opportunity to make money online as a passive income!

Being an engineer nowadays comes with a lot of work on the computers, in various software, so I am more than familiar working on it.

That's why I thought that a secondary income source done in your free times on the computer, from home or beach or wherever you are could become a dream job for me!

This is the reason why I started to do more and more research on online marketing, affiliated marketing, blogging. But the information weren't coming in modular form so that would make sense, so I tried to find some courses that would teach from A-Z as we say!

That's how I found WA. Initially I was skeptical about it as I was doing researches for almost a week and all the training sources were superficial or didn't felt legit!

I created my WA account, started the Online Entrepreneur Cerification lessons, and after only 2 days I went premium. I was absorbing all this knowledge from various experienced persons around WA. So it felt natural to go Premium and get acces to more information.

By this time I already had a website with contents(totally random stuffs, the exact opposite of what I should have) built and spent some money on hosting and domain.

Now, following the training I am about to create a new website, find my own niche and start publishing about it, as everyone else does!!

I am happy that I could understand from the very first material I have seen about this new world, is that " THIS IS A MARATHON, NOT A SPRINT RUN"

So I just take things step-by-step and try to make my way towards monetizing.

And hoping that some day I can afford to leave the construction world and focus on my new primary income from the online world!!

That's me on my very first blogging about my way to wealthy life!

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Fiona13 Premium
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Nice progress my friend! Keep it up!
NorbertM Premium
Labman Premium Plus
Welcome to WA! You seem to have a good handle on how things work. Keep up the good work and things will start to move in the right direction.
Good Luck.