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Is this lock down good or bad thing for us? The world is passing through a pandemic, like most of us never seen before. During the lock down around the world, we were granted with a second chance. Why? Well, because we got a way out of our 8-5 jobs, that many of us hate.During the lock down, we were granted a chance to start again, having the time to stay more with our families, finishing that long dreamed landscape in the back garden, or your man cave with that pool table! Sounds Great, isn't
How did I started? Because of the well-known COVID-19, my job as an engineer was suspended. The company I was working for 1 year was forced to shut down its activity! It was awful, and I felt terrible, having a great site, being ahead of the schedule, I felt like my life is on top!!So being at home, I started to search how I could make money online. I found out about affiliate marketing. Then I was researching what it means and how to do it, how do you earn your commissions, etc. I finally foun
Hi everyone,My Name is Norbert, I'm 28, and I'm from Romania. I work as an engineer on construction sites. I've spent my last 5 years working on different construction sites starting in Romania, Hungary and finally Ireland. I landed in Ireland 2 years ago.The hard times that affected all of us due to the well-known pandemic turned me into researching on how to make money online. I first found some YouTube videos promoting different type of online businesses(now I know they were affiliated mark
April 01, 2020
I just went premium, this is crazy, i can feel the calling for me to change my career and why not my life. I put my trust into WA Comunity and it's trainers and coaches and hope to get starting with a passive income soon enough!!