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Last Update: May 20, 2020

Hi everyone, this will be my first blog on the platform after a month of subscribing.

I have learnt a lot during the past four odd weeks even though I am moving at a snails pace. I realised that I tend to get easily distracted and overwhelmed with too much information and my mind just shuts down sometimes.


Last week I just remembered an example my teacher used to make about tying a hungry cat to a chair and place two of it's favourite foods milk and stake in two separate bowls. He used to say put them at a distance or even closer to each other, and the cat will die.

And he would ask why do you think the cat would die, we all would raise our voices before raising our hands and compete in shouting " IT WILL DIE OF HUNGER SIR"!

The wise teacher would then stand up and move slowly amongst our desks showing us why the cat would not have died of hunger, explainig that until that point the cat was already hungry but never died because of the undying hope that somehow it will find food. He would go on and say hope was the only reason it was alive so long.

Now why did the cat die? we would ask...chuckling, he would say; " the cat died because of food, it was killed by exactly what was supposed to keep it alive, it died because there was too much choice all of a sudden and in its hurry to satisfy its urgent need he ended up conflicted on which bowl to begin exactly and this cause unnecessary anxiety.

Hope could not sustain him anymore because hope has finally manifested what hope had promised and it was now up to MR. Cat to make a choice unfortunately he could not and paid the price.

About nine days ago I remembered the moral of this story and I remembered none of us wanted to be MR. Cat and certainly I didn' want to be even now.


The first thing I did was UNSUBSCRIBE, yes unsubscribe to a lot of subscriptions I had gathered along the years of searching for a better way to make money online some were news plarforms and art related stuff and many interests of mine. Some were subscriptions that I have not read in months even years, and were completely not relevant to my new journey with WA now. I ELIMINATED THEM!!

I spent three hours deleting adverts, chain emails and invites to watch this video or download that ebook about this or that fast way to make money online.

I hope this will help especially the newbies to eliminate competing appetites and attractions to their Wealthy Affiliates Learning curve. I hope it will help them focus squarely and dedicate more time to learning things wihin the community.

Every program I ever subscribed to, every so called marketing guru I ever watched and subscribed on Youtube suddenbly sent me more stuff about " The Easiest Ways to Make Money Online" after my subscription here.

That teacher's final solution to MR. Cat's dilemma was very helpful now. He would say " Mr. Cat should have just focused on one dish first possibly the stake dish first and then wash it down with that creamy bowl of milk, he would go on and be a handsomely fat grand father of cats with many bowls of steak to choose from and pools of milk just flowing from the walls of his house."


So I say to all newbies, Give yourself the best opportunity to grow your business by eliminating competition from all other shiny objects out there. Oh, I actually stopped watching youtube videos about making money online as well because they too can be a huge time cannibals eating your precious time, the same time you could be using on progressing learning on your Wealthy Affiliate business.

I am satisfied with my progress even though I have not hit my targets for the month, I am certain I will hit my three months targets with the new resolve and strategy in place.

Thanks to everyone for the support, i hope to learn more and grow my website.

minor achievements thus far.:

1.) I went Premium

2.) Selected a niche

3.) My Website is developing well

4.) Two days ago I purchased my first domain ever!! (and I realised the niche is something I have been writing about for some time on my facebook page without even knowing I could make money through that.) [I am so excited about that ]

Thanks to you all I hope you would not mind checking out my website https://startatforty.siterubix.com just to give me your feedback if I am in the right track.

I Thank you.

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Ahimbe Premium
Focus is important to get the best from WA. Thank you for the advice.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Wonderful advice, my friend!

EmakAmelia Premium
Thanks so much for the reminder, Vika. I tend to watch those M.M.O channels on YouTube.
I'll start to clean up my emails and unsubscribe.

All the best,
k1visaguru Premium
What an amazing post. I have to say I noticed myself that there are a lot of distractions out there trying to tell you on something that never bears fruit. The nice thing with WA is that the whole idea is that if you put the time and effort into building something someone wants to look at you will be successful.

I bought my domain name on a different site, started my website on that same site. What I realized is that I was going no where.

Joining WA was the best thing I could have ever done. I am not one to usually join something like this, but for once in my life I went with my gut.

Too many people are out there looking to get rich quick with little to no investment. They don't want to work to make money.
Like you I have not made any money as of yet on my site. What I have done is gotten indexed on Google, Marketed myself on sites like Quora, by helping people through my blogs I have posted. Placed myself on social media, and have gotten a great reaction so far.

So even though I have not made any money is the one month I have been with WA, I have gained so much more. I think within 6 months I will have gained a pretty good following, and I might even make a few dollars towards my monetary goals i set for myself.

Thanks WA for teaching rather than giving false hope of making it rich on nothing.

Thanks for this wonderful post.

LMH1968 Premium Plus
This is all great advice.
Thank you for sharing.