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Again, I am going to write this post focused on the newcomer to the platform. Change is an incredible process that everyone goes through now and then in various aspects of our lives. Change can be devastating for many people because it mostly happens without the individual's consent in case of a traumatic event or a major shift in lifestyle etc. This kind can never be reversed and usually difficult to deal with except responding to circumstances until the light at the end of the tunnel the only
I observe a couple of non english speaking newcomers seem to strugle with their writing tasks of the training. I hope the following strategy that I use will help.I have seen a couple of these requests on the Live chat threads. one that stood out for me was asking about writing a review for WA and English seems to be a challenge.1.) First I would say think of it this way: When you think, you always think in your mother tounge,2.) When you smile, you get inspired and you get satisfied, it is alw
I just came back from an afternon drive with my four daughters as we always do everyday. Today the difference is that I came to wonderful news that forced me to jump with joy, it's a milestone people MY SITE HAS JUST INDEXED ON GOOGLE. Even though I am not sure I have real clue what that means but hey it is somehing to be celebrated. I will tell you I can squarely credit the give and take culture of giving comments to other people's sites, I bumped on a post by Kyle and I lapped it up. For two
Hi everyone, this will be my first blog on the platform after a month of subscribing. I have learnt a lot during the past four odd weeks even though I am moving at a snails pace. I realised that I tend to get easily distracted and overwhelmed with too much information and my mind just shuts down sometimes. WHY DID THE CAT DIE? Last week I just remembered an example my teacher used to make about tying a hungry cat to a chair and place two of it's favourite foods milk and stake in two separate bo