Been a bit quiet past month

Last Update: May 25, 2018

I am a bit embarrassed to say this but for the past month I have not done much, I think I have gone through that phase (as I think most people do) and that is within the first few weeks of signing up, gone half-way through the training and then lost motivation. I have also had another issue with my car, thankfully which is now fixed after spending £££ - this was my main "headache" as it was my tool to get to and from work. Thankfully my dad helped me out with the loan of his car. I saved quite a bit in labour costs as I did most of the work myself, but took a lot of my time when I intended to spend on developing my site. I spent couple of weekends just purely working on the car and then when I would come back, would be just tired.

Also, I found that in my earlier stages of training, I had many ideas and bought 3 domain names thinking I can work on all of them - how wrong was I.

But anyway, the last couple of days has given me time to re-evaluate and re focus my goals. My wife's friend posted a picture of an item on FB that she saw in the shop, which struck a chord with me, and I asked if she could get it for me - that is the sign in the picture "Take the risk or lose the chance".

I have this hanged on my study room door and each time I walk in or leave the room, I look at it to remind me to keep moving forward.

I think my aim of this post is to let others within the community know that they are not alone, at times it can get overwhelming and frustrating because Let's be honest, a major part of doing this is to make money. When we sit there for a very long time, training and not seeing any financial benefit, it can get demoralizing.

I think what has helped me the most is reading others blogs of success stories, it gives me hope that those people within the community were once in a similar position to me. I think time is the biggest key factor.

So what am I going to do moving forward :

  1. Focus on only one website for now until it is bringing in a steady income
  2. I have reset my training so I am sign to start at the beginning and makes notes as I go along
  3. Use the search function on WA, as I did not realise there is a ton of information
  4. Set myself weekly targets as to where I want to be at a certain point
  5. Not get frustrated (easier said than done)

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CoraMitchell Premium
Glad to see you back on track... I think your new goals are very realistic and here’s to your success as you move forward!
WendaSue Premium
You have nothing to be embarrassed about. We've all been here a time or two ourselves. This is life. What matters now, is that you have set new goals for yourself and you are back in it to win it. I wish you success.
You got this my Friend.
TNewkirk Premium Plus
Yes, #5 "Not get frustrated" is easier said than done. I have found that I have "slacked" off the last couple of days. And I have no excuse except lack of motivation and being frustrated. I need to get back to my goal of writing at least 3 posts a week. Thank you for reminding me :)
SeasideFunk Premium
You sir are not alone as you said. Looks like your go forward plan will put you back in the game.
NiteshMistry Premium
thanks, just got to keep those goals in mind