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Last Update: December 18, 2017

Okay, I was going to just do a test post and then delete it, but since this could be helpful to others, I won't delete the post. Instead, I'll explain what I learned and am testing out.

I was trying to figure out how people get those pretty text links in their WA blog posts that link to other WA blog posts, tutorials, or other content, that also show up with an icon that apparently identifies it as to type of content.

So, I just copied the URL to my last blog post about deleting a website and pasted it here. Deleting a Website From A Domain Name in WA

I did not do anything further to edit it. I will now hit the publish tab to see if it converts to a pretty text link. But before I do that, here's a link to @MarionBlack's tutorial on how to make these pretty links in your WA blog post or tutorial. Add Prettier Links In Your WA Post or Tutorial

Before I publish this, here are the steps to get and copy a URL and then paste it into the destination post:

1. Go to post

2. Hit Ctrl (Cmd in Mac) + L (highlights the URL of the post)

3. Hit Ctrl (Cmd in Mac) + C (to copy the link)

4. Go to destination post, and hit Ctrl (Cmd in Mac) + V (to paste into your new post)

All righty, then! I will now hit the Publish tab and see if those WA links convert to pretty text links.


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NinahHunter Premium
Okay, so after I first published my post, those URL's did not convert to a text link with the icon, as it did when I posted such URL link in a reply to my blog post. So, I went back in and edited the links the way @MarionBlack instructs in her tutorial. Here's link again to her tutorial. So, now, I still am unsure how to insert those pretty links to WA content that include the icon. If anyone can shed some light on that, I'd appreciate it. I am attaching a screen shot of @AlexEvans' reply to my post that contains the pretty text link with pen icon that I am referring to.
NinahHunter Premium
Now, see, when I added the URL to MarionBlack's tutorial in my reply, without editing it, it converted to the pretty link with icon when I published it! Hmmm? Wonder why that doesn't happen when I publish a blog post? Anyone got an answer?
MarionBlack Premium
The links convert automatically in comments but not in posts. So you have to edit them manually. :)

Thank you for the Ctrl+L shortcut. It's one I didn't know but now will use often.
NinahHunter Premium
That is good to know, Marion. I'm happy I got your tutorial on how to create text links from URL's in posts. And I won't have to keep researching to figure this out further. :-)