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I had an epiphany this morning as I was trying to explain to my wife, Annabel, what I was doing with my online business. She really hasn't been all that supportive, which I believe stems from her total lack of interest or understanding of the internet, other than email, some Facebook time, and the occasional Google search. It hasn't helped that in the last 9 months when I first started that I jumped around in different opportunities and spent a lot of money before finding and settling on Weal
December 18, 2017
Okay, I was going to just do a test post and then delete it, but since this could be helpful to others, I won't delete the post. Instead, I'll explain what I learned and am testing out. I was trying to figure out how people get those pretty text links in their WA blog posts that link to other WA blog posts, tutorials, or other content, that also show up with an icon that apparently identifies it as to type of content. So, I just copied the URL to my last blog post about deleting a website a
I spend a lot of time searching WA and asking technical questions. I've learned a lot, and just had the epiphany, duh, I should be sharing this other newbies or any members who may not have run across a certain issue! So, here's my first stab at sharing something I learned.I had an existing website that I'd started as part of my initial training and Certification course. Since I hadn't done much with it (, I decided to use it for my WA affiliate website. (I had switch
Woohoo! Just completed Course 1, and now heading over to Course 2. I'm really pleased and impressed with the training and tools so far, and the support! :-)