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December 03, 2018
Hi folks, I am so worry since yesterday; after sharing a post from WA in my FaceBook profile, Facebook closed my profile. It wasn't all, I asked for Comments in the official site of WA and answered all. Late at night opened my site and I found that there is a non answered comment. That comment only is visible through WordPress, I meant it is not on my post neither on Comments site. I will paste a screenshot to let you see. What is it? What happened with my FaceBook profile? Do we have to be wo
November 20, 2018
Hello friends in WA, I want to share with you my story in my first thanksgiving day in US.It was May 2013 when I arrived this country as immigrant, I began a new life in freedom. We were preparing our first thanksgiving celebration but life changed when I wake up that Thursday with a Bell's Palsy paralysis, for those who don't know it is face paralysis. I was devastated, I thought what to thanks for? I didn't want to go emergency room, thank the support of my family I finally went and had the r
October 25, 2018
Recently I have read about how we focus on things we must do daily; about how do we take advantage of our time to get the maximum results. The fact is that we don’t always use our time in the best way. Sometimes we are caught in distractions, interruptions, and jumps from one task to another; causing not finish any. We must have “a plan” to get the maximum from the time -that’s only 24 hours- I need more😊 The suggestion I found was to follow some keys to manage
September 20, 2018
I already finished my Level 2...and I keep going up, a little slow, but that's the stuff of life.I think the speed does not matter, what matters is to arrive, to get the top of in WA. There is a long way ahead, and I will keep trying my best in everything I will do. I have enjoyed everthing, in fact I like to work online. I learned a lot in all the classes, the training and the blogs from the community. Thank to all friends here in WA for their support and prompt help. Thank you Maria Cristina
September 07, 2018
"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed" Napoleon HillsThere is one of many quotes that are referred to friendship, it is "the forever" relation between people. Thank to all friends here in WA, special thank to my Mentor, who is always ready to help and answer my questions.God bless you allMaria
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August 28, 2018
I have finished my post from lesson 3: Healthy and Fitness- Physical activities improving Health. I address the main benefits of physical activity at any age, and the recommendations for people aver 60. I await your recommendations and suggestions
August 10, 2018
Hi, in my 60 I am trying to keep moving and lose weight. We sweat, move and enjoy, there is much more to do. I encourage you to folow me in my site Healthy&Fitness over 60. I would like to see your coments