It is rare, a scammer?

Last Update: December 03, 2018

Hi folks,

I am so worry since yesterday; after sharing a post from WA in my FaceBook profile, Facebook closed my profile. It wasn't all, I asked for Comments in the official site of WA and answered all. Late at night opened my site and I found that there is a non answered comment. That comment only is visible through WordPress, I meant it is not on my post neither on Comments site.

I will paste a screenshot to let you see. What is it? What happened with my FaceBook profile? Do we have to be worry about a scammer here? I need some help for this and some advice. Thank you in advance...

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macfais Premium
Regarding your screenshot, check the following:
1. Go to Setting.
2. Click Discussion.
3. Look at "Before a comment appears."

If you check the "comment must be manually approved", then all the comments must be moderated and should not come directly on your post (comments section box). You have to manually approve it or reject. This is for you to control whether you will approve or reject a certain comment before it will appear on your website.

Regarding your facebook issue, you have to check that with facebook support the reason why they closed your page.
nina2018 Premium
In WA I did all you said, Site Support in WA removed this contact, also I did.
I don't know how to go to fb support, if you have some advice just tell me I will do.
Thank you
macfais Premium
I do not have experienced yet but you can Google it.
Hope it will help you.
Marley2016 Premium
Did you turn all of this over to Site Support :(
If not then I suggest you do so immediately.