New website press release - help me Make Green the New Mean

Last Update: October 03, 2015

Green is cooperation. Green ideas for living is sharing community tips on how to live free - how to live the life, responsibly.

My website is up and running. But like any organic creature, it is still growing.

Like a tree. A free tree: growing freely, naturally, patiently.

Freedom is the new green. And with freedom comes responsibility. Like taking a holiday break while also giving the earth a break. A responsible break. A recharge break, taking care to tread lightly, and care with my heart opened brightly.

"Blue Marble" by Nasa

I feel humble. I feel free. I feel gratitude for the help that is constantly free to me, on WA.

I feel responsible for sharing my new website with this cooperative community here at WA.

My new website is up an running.

It has been lots of sweat and little rest. Planting this website, with a hole in the ground big enough for its roots to take hold. To grow strong, for a time that will be long.

I will keep watering it. Adding compost. Adding content. Nourishing content. And with your help, I can help it grow into a magnificent tree, for all to see. To give shade for tired bones to rest under. To provide oxygen for tired lungs to breathe cleanly. To play in, to climb. To swing from and in its foliage to hide.

To dig deep, and reach high. To spread its roots so it can reach for the sky.

"Willow" by Jdforrester

Thank you for taking time out to go look at my tree. Which is my new website, you see. Nurtured with the help of ALL at this WA community.

It's all about freedom, and a place for each of us to be. Responsibly.

Kindly go check out and you'll see. All my interests - my loves and my passions - are there to be set free.

Leave comments, here and on the website, be honest with me.

With gratitude.


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KatieMac Premium
It is a beautiful analogy to building a site.. your site is coming along nicely I do like the Fred Astaire quote you used.. wish you every success with it all
Nikodemis Premium
Thanks Katie, much appreciated :)
kennick2015 Premium
Hi Nikodemus.Your site only loads if you highlight the whole URL and paste it into a browser. However it looks really nice and you have done a great job so far.
Nikodemis Premium
Thanx Ken, I edited and changed the url to
your site did not load up..
fyre Premium
I PM ' D him so he could fix it. : )
Nikodemis Premium
Thanx, I changed it now to
fyre Premium
Nikodemis Premium
Thanx Fyre, I really appreciate your headsup and I have now edited and changed my url in the blog to :)