$299 Wealthy Affiliates Black Friday Sale

Last Update: November 24, 2016

My...the $299 Wealthy Affiliates Black Friday Sale even applies to us existing premium WA members! And if you "further upgrade" to this $299 program, you'd be grandfathered in to $299 yearly (meaning in future years, annual membership will still be at $299 per year), instead of the usual annual $359!

I just "further upgraded", it just makes financial sense.

Thanks Kyle and Carson so much for being so generous and thoughtful and serving the existing premium WA members too!

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viyee Premium
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TW2016 Premium
Absolutely right Nigel, it was just totally unbelievable. I jumped straight into it to make the yearly payment as an existing premium member. I'm with you to that our future years will be charged $299 yearly....

Thank you so much to Kyle and Carson at WA for giving us such a fantastic offer.
onmyownterms Premium
Woot! I'm in too!
nigelchua Premium Plus
Yeah man, I'm so stoked and happy too! =DDDDD