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It's another brand new year. In fact, it's already February 9th 2020. It's a new decade, and it's time to take massive actions to bring you closer and closer to your goals, and ideally, to fully surpass what you desire to achieve.Create a system of routines and habits that will get you there, day in, day out. For your online business, is it creating that 100 x 2000 word articles within the year? Then that's basically a 2000 word article every 3.6 days. If you based on 52 weeks a year, that's "j
Wow. 4 years at Wealthy Affiliate? Time really flies. I've been busy with life (life happens) and my offline business, and took an 18 month sabbatical 2017-2018 after exiting of my earlier business that was acquired.During the time, I took time to reflect, pray, read, spend time with children, published some books (public domain, which later I took down cos it's public domain) and determined/dreamed what I would do in the future.Little did I know I will start consolidating and focusing and port
October 25, 2019
After such a long period of time (personal issues, sabbatical, life and more), I am starting to get back in the groove here at Wealthy Affiliate.Simplifying my digital world too - am moving all my sites and domains from Bluehost, Namescheap and GoDaddy - all to my WA account. Figured that it's just so much more convenient to have them all hosted and managed from ONE single platform rather than being all over the place.The sites will take some time, but I've hired a VA to help me port them over
Today is already 26th September 2018, and there's just 96 more days to go till the END of 2018.And there, another year has gone by - just like that.I've 2 young kids, so time just flies. I thought I just blinked and all of a sudden, it's already end of September. Today, I'd like to encourage all of us:keep doing what is working. If article writing has been steadily garnering more and more eye balls and specific wanted actions, then do more of that. keep focusing on one thing that is working (ba
My...the $299 Wealthy Affiliates Black Friday Sale even applies to us existing premium WA members! And if you "further upgrade" to this $299 program, you'd be grandfathered in to $299 yearly (meaning in future years, annual membership will still be at $299 per year), instead of the usual annual $359!I just "further upgraded", it just makes financial sense.Thanks Kyle and Carson so much for being so generous and thoughtful and serving the existing premium WA members too!
Hi all, was wondering if you know if there is an auto-notification/flag to notify us that we've received an email in our WA site emails?Eg, once someone emails to this address, would there be a notification for me?Please advise, thanks!
It's annoying. I'm wasting precious time checking my stats...but it's so addictive! I would start up the computer, check all the statistics of the websites, all the stats of the affiliate programs, and before I know it, I'd have burnt 20-30 minutes a day.Stupid me.Yet...I want to check again tomorrow. Or maybe later.Ugh.FocusFocusFocus.
4 comments's the deal. I've about 5-6 websites that I already have running, and have scheduled/created enough content for them to post every 2-3 days until mid December 2016 (I will keep preparing content in advance). These 6 are my identified passions which I've streamlined from my other passions, of which 2 will be monster complex sites and 4 will be ultra niche sites. I don't think I'll be adding more websites, these are my identified 6 which I enjoy/have passion for with potential profits wi
October 28, 2016
One year from now, where will you be?If you're doing the same thing this year like you did last year, I know exactly where you'll be the next year....exactly where you were.It's mad to think that by doing the same thing, we can expect and hope for different results.If you're looking to make money online, take the time, effort and opportunity to go and learn. Put in the hours and sweat and learn, and apply. Refine.Do it again and again, and in one year's time, amaze yourself with your progress.
October 23, 2016
4 weeks ago, I was cranking out articles and blog posts by the dozens, and got then got busy with the technical part of online business building: ensuring indexing by Google, installing the codes of Google and Bing, and then I started getting distracted by:checking being indexed on Google.comchecking what's my website keyword rankschecking out my website stats ie number of clicks and visitschecking on my affiliate links (1-2 sales, but too early to consider success)I have to catch myself by my