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Just like everyone else here, I have been so busy with life, with my side gigs, my niche website and SAC that I couldn't find the time to do other chores here inside WA ( yes, I felt guilty at times). But despite endless blogging, designing and tweaking my sites, researching, tending for my family, etc. I wake up each day with a smile in my face and gratefulness in my heart because I absolutely love what I do!“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
Today is my birthday!! Although it is today, every day, for me, is a custom-made gift! I try my best each day to ask these questions, how will I receive this gift? How will I celebrate every day with my family and how will today be a great impact on my life and of others?Each day, I try to rejoice and marvel at those good things around me. I try to do my best to share my joy with others. Although, sometimes I am faced with the inevitable distractions of everyday living, which sometimes tempts m
It's been a while since I last posted. Life has been busy lately and I have had so many projects that I signed myself in, which is good and bad..good because I don't like being bored and stagnant. Bad because I tend to overstretch myself which left some areas of other projects being mediocre which I am working on.Of late, I have been noticing some negativity and a few people around me also has had pessimistic thoughts that led and pushed me to write this short piece of post. I guess I am back
March 07, 2019
Hi everyone! It has been a while since my last post. My rank dipped some. I may not as active with comments and postings here but I didn't neglect my training. In fact, I finished level 5 and I just started boot camp. Yey!As a stay at home mom of 4 children, it's not easy. 'Though I am busy at home, as we mother never runs out of chores at home, I still manage to add some projects on my list. This year, aside from building my website and training with WA, I decided I would like to minimize our
February 13, 2019
Hey ya'll! Since its Valentine's day tomorrow, I think to greet all of you is just in order. I haven't been active as much as I want to as I have to concentrate on my family and in completing my training. I am slowly getting through them with all of your help dear WA members.Just know that most posts, stories and comments are being read by me,'though sometimes I am unable to comment. It's not easy to multi task here as I get easily distracted and there's so much information that I feel I need
February 06, 2019
This is just going to be a short and sweet one. I would like to just thank the amazing Site Support team here in WA. There are a few times that I have asked for their assistance and they have always exceeded my expectations. Today I asked for their help AGAIN as I got stuck somewhere at the back end of my site. I am a woman and a woman has to change her mind so of course I changed my theme and guess what... I couldn't figure out how to do the navigation. Technology is really not my strong suit
January 27, 2019
Hi WA family! Since I value most of your input I would like to run this by you or let's just say I am asking for advice. I have asked my family and a friend but I just want to know what most of you will have to say.For all of you who has been in my network, you all know that I quit my job as a nurse as I got burnt out with the politics of healthcare. I also decided that it is time to spend more time with my kids as I mostly missed my 2 older kids growing up years as I was working so hard at tha
January 23, 2019
Hi guys! I'm back. I sort of hibernated for a week and slowed down on the socialization part to work on the Level 2 training. I'm happy to say that it's almost done. This blog is one of the to do list on that training.I'm quite uneasy with this as I'm not the kind who writes out plans or goals. Not that I don't have plans or goals, I just sort of save them up in my mind. Maybe it's a result of doing the same type of work for 26 years in which I sort of know where my year is heading.But now th
January 17, 2019
Yesterday was not so good of a day for me as I found out that my child was bullied in school. I, of course tried to speak with the principal but since she's unavailable, I was asked if I would like to speak with the assistant principal. That was not a good idea as his principle and whole idea about bullying and the incident that occurred was not aligned with mine. (that's a totally long and winding blog to focus on).As I was consumed with my frustrations and anger after speaking with the assis
January 12, 2019
Is it only me or there are some of you out there who has been loosing sleep?When I started WA, I just quit my job. I was contemplating to do a lot of things as I just freed myself of rigid work schedules. I knew I have a lot of chores to tackle and kids issues to handle but as aggressive as I am, I jumped right into WA because I do not want to loose the opportunity. But little did I know that the touch of my OCDness and multitasking habits are going to be in the way. Just to think of a topic