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One of the first things you want to happen to your new website is that Google comes by, crawls it and adds it to the search engine index. And one of the great ways to achieve this is to start to write and publish content from the first day on.But the Googlebot has certain times where it will check the internet for new websites and goes to crawl them. This explains why some of you are worried that your new website takes so long to index.Luckily, there are a few things you can do immediately whic
Wealth, Money, Success and Freedom. Four simple words everyone thinks of when they search the internet for ways how to make some extra money and then being able to replace their job with it. Lately I see quite a few new members asking the same questions. How long does it take to make money? Is Wealthy Affiliate legit? Does it work? Etc. The answers are usually the same. It’s not a get rich quick theme. It takes time. It depends on you how successful you are. Let’s stop right there for a min
Creating content for our websites takes a lot of time. We research, we write a “first dirty draft”, research a bit more, re-write, make changes, add images and finally publish our article. The last thing we need is that a plagiarist comes to our website and “steals” what took us some work. Once our content has been copied and reused by someone else, there’s not much for us to do about it. The good thing though, any plagiarism will get penalized by search engines because they know when
If you want to succeed with your Online Business you’ll need amazing content and while writing as engaging as possible isn’t easy, it’s a skill you’ll definitely need to master. The best way to max out a skill is practice. With each article you write, your skill gets better and before you know it you’ll shake one out of your sleeve in no time. Getting ideas from other people’s articles is great and definitely helps to improve, but having a handy list with some great tips will just t
October 28, 2014
October 25th marked my six months anniversary here at WA. It’s quite shocking to see how quickly time can actually fly if you do something you’re really passionate about and having lots of fun with. For me it’s still unbelievable that it has been that long. It still feels like it was only yesterday as I joined up and went premium. So far it has been a life changing experience in many aspects. As I joined WA on April 25th I never planned to be here for the long haul, yet couldn’t even im
Many years, observations and quotes later, I think success is the result of a combination of Personality Traits and the ability to understand, to appreciate and to follow rules. The traits I’m talking about are: Patience Persistence Thirst for Knowledge We need Patience in order to tolerate hurdles, trouble and setbacks. If we can’t do this and tend to get upset, frustrated and angry, then chances are, we’re likely to give up instead of continuing what we’re doing. A certain way to fail
September 17, 2014
What’s the first thing we usually need to do when we join WA and start to build success? We get asked to set goals. Goals we shall focus on to achieve a plan or our dreams, only to find us facing many obstacles. On our road to success, obstacles are guaranteed and sooner or later we will come across them. It may be in the beginning of our journey. This can be as little as doubt in ourselves what makes us struggle. It may be fear of the unknown and the lack of skills/experience. But also obsta
When you start out here in WA, one of the first tasks you’ll have to do is finding a niche. Preferably something you’re passionate about. And the struggle starts. I remember as I joined WA and stumbled upon this task. Wow, I was stressed, confused and had absolutely no idea of what I was passionate about.Sure, when you read “Find your Niche”, it’s like “No problem”. Actually, I find it to be a huge problem. For all of a sudden, my brain was empty and I couldn’t think about an
One of my most struggles while creating a website is to find appropriate images, which can be used without violating copyright. Most free images are released under Creative Common Licenses and require a source link/courtesy of the creator. To credit the photographer isn't a problem at all, it's more the fact that it's hard to find any free images, especially for the make money online niche. Royalty free images are another option, but they usually cost quite a bit money. But with the purchase yo
Hi there, what a morning today. I'm taking everything a bit easy and spent most of the time reading what's hot on the WA Activity Dashboard and what others have blogged lately. Special interest today is about Google Ranking. Google Search didn't really provide me with the information I was hoping for. I couldn't find anything ranked yet. Someone here at WA mentioned a feature of Jaaxy on how to find your website ranked in Google, if it's ranked. I gave it a try and wasn't expecting anything at