I Finally Figured Out The MAGIC!

Last Update: May 25, 2020


I made it! It's funny because while there was some haste to get here, in the middle of that journey I realized that it was not the goal. The goal - understand how to make the magic. Yip - it's a big secret that Kyle shares in the Online Entrepreneurship Certificate; Level 3 - The 4 criteria for building an online business successfully.

What I did

  • Built a niche website -Promoting WA and Success Mindset
  • Developed Content:
  1. Website - 12 posts,
  2. WA 27 posts +this one.
  3. YouTube 34 videos (1 month on board).
  4. Facebook (revisit after a 3 year hiatus:-) joined 3 women's groups and posting more regularly over last 2 weeks, joining in on webinars etc. (about 15 + posts), I hear the standard is 3 a day...something to work towards
  5. Twitter - I tweet when I remember, not so cool:-), I have 1 month's material, just need to add this in.
  • Complete Training: Just started Level 4 of the Certificate program.

What I'm Learning

  1. Success is daily - how we engage the process each day; the prize will come (it is tough some days to talk about the prize when you know you need to deepen yourself in the process)
  2. Online success is as described by Kyle in Level 3 - niche website, great content that is relateable, traffic and I forget the last one now (smh).
  3. Distractions are part of the process, focus makes a big difference even in smaller amounts of time.
  4. Support - asking for support is important, the biggest area of growth for me.

The Magic

Organic success is rewarding and requires sweat equity. It's also very humbling. The wow of this is that every other model that comes around touting fast results are based on the 4 criteria as described by Kyle in Level 3.

Pulling success out of the 'proverbial hat' is to daily REVIEW the 4 criteria and ACT in ways that adds one more drop of success in your bucket.

What's the Secret - you can either BUILD it yourself or BUY it (pay someone to do it for you). The 4 criteria remains in place no matter which option

you choose:-)

As for me, the juice for buying at this time is not worth the squeeze.

What's Next - June - August, 2020

I'm spending the next couple days to tweak my approach to:

  1. Content - continue to improve quality
  2. Social media engagement - learn and up the ante
  3. Training - Continue ( I really underestimated the timing on this)

I'm entering the next trimester with a soberness and steadiness that will not be easily shifted as it did the first time around. No longer a virgin!

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ericcantu Premium
You nailed it with this. You focus points for the next 3 months are right on the money. Content will always be a priority. Trust me. This is exactly how Google takes notice and how you build traffic both to your website and to YouTube. Content! Content! Content!

Joining those groups is a solid way to share. You're obviously joining groups you have a genuine interest in, and as dialogues open, naturally you'll be able to add value to that group by sharing relevant content.

You can even learn a thing or two from other well meaning members of the group.

And yes, training is continual and here at WA it's a nice comfort zone. Learning more and more brings you that much closer to your goals.

And now, you may not have realized this, but at the three month mark you can actually create member training yourself! Click on the pencil icon and you can now create bits of training that will help current and future members to get over those small bumps in the road.

Don't hesitate to try your hand at this. You don't have to be an expert to create training, all you have to do is solve a problem. I started with training at the 3 month mark, then started doing some video training, and this is what ultimately led me to doing YouTube.

Also, you'll start earning credits for your training. Those credits can be cashed in or used to pay for your WA membership. It's a huge win/win.

Congrats on 3 months! You're doing a solid job and I'm very happy you've found a home here at WA!
Nicole222 Premium
Hi Eric,

Thank you for always being available to help me as I move along - PRICELESS Coaching.

Feedback from you is always deeply appreciated, taking note. Thanks Bro!!!!
Aussiemuso Premium
Congratulations you are really putting in the hours.

Lily 😊🎶
Nicole222 Premium
Hi Lily,

You know it doesn't feel like I'm putting in enough, but I am grateful for where I am:-)
Aussiemuso Premium
I think you are putting in a massive amount and should get your success. I've been here almost 12 months and don't do half what you do and am getting sales.
You are doing all the right things it just takes time.

Success soon.
Lily 😁
Nicole222 Premium
Thank you Lily,

I guess in the early days, I heard of 100 posts or 50 at 3000. I have about 3-4 in that range the others are less, but all over 1000.

Been thinking about the customer lifecycle as well and now seeing that some of my posts could be written differently , so that learning will be my focus in June, 2020.

While, I'm here, could you point me to 'how to on jump linking'?

I thought that by now I would have had 25 posts, but it is taking me a minute:-) Your experienced comments is extremely encouraging, THANK YOU!!!
Aussiemuso Premium
I read in the community that the optimum length for posts was 1300 words and that is what all of mine are and it seems to work. People don't want to read for too long and maybe they leave and don't click on a link.

Sorry but I haven't even heard of 'jump linking ' but I'm sure someone in the community will know.

Have a lovely day.
You write very well.

Lily 😊🎶
Nicole222 Premium
Hmm, you might be onto something. Switch from the A-Z post types. I could do that!

Thanks. enjoy yours.

I'll put the question out re jump linking. Be good to yourself!!!
Allan-T Premium
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Nicole. It is a very encouraging post and gives hope to us that progress can be made here at WA. 👍
Nicole222 Premium
Thanks Allan-T. Best to you as you continue yours.
JohaneG Premium
This is good and pleasant to share your insightful post.
Nicole222 Premium
Hey JohaneG,

Thank you.
JohaneG Premium
Hi Nicole. You are welcome.
WilsonP Premium
Thanks for sharing your progress , Nicole.
Nicole222 Premium
My pleasure WilsonP. Thank for dropping by.