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3-Month ANNIVERSARY!I made it! It's funny because while there was some haste to get here, in the middle of that journey I realized that it was not the goal. The goal - understand how to make the magic. Yip - it's a big secret that Kyle shares in the Online Entrepreneurship Certificate; Level 3 - The 4 criteria for building an online business successfully.What I didBuilt a niche website -Promoting WA and Success MindsetDeveloped Content:Website - 12 posts, WA 27 posts +this one. YouTube 34 vi
Did you know that Google performed a 'maintenance' update to its Algorithm this month, May 2020? They DID!Were you invited to Google's recent EATs? No worries, WA has you covered! EATs = Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. Google's blog was a mere overview to the training provided here at WA.I have to tell you that I felt quite pleased that all of what they are looking for re quality content is known to us via the training and many of the conversations in the live chats and regula
Happy Wednesday my Friends,I found a really cool tool to help with PRODUCTIVITY. It's a TIMER - who knew:-)I used it this morning to allow me to prime my FB Post. Love it! You can get a lot done in small chunks of time - e.g., on Facebook I just did my first 15 minutes this morning and was surprised by how much love and comments I could give - massive amounts of stuff happening on social platforms - yip, for the first time, I'm really looking:-)It's easy too and NO you don't have to join in.
Has life ever circled you into a lesson you didn't quite get the first couple time around? IN The Beginning coach here at WA is the awesome Eric Cantu. No he doesn't know I'm writing this and no I didn't check to see if it's okay - someone will let me know after...heh, heh, heh.ANYWAYS...early on, you know the newbie energy, we want to move faster than light in every which way..I asked Eric about whether I should be checking analytics on Google. He is so kind, let me tell you, in his usual wa
I was missing for a while, engaging life with one hand (analogy) for a three-handed job:-). That's the story I'm sticking with, okay.Today I sat down and wrote an article and I finished it in between, going to the farmer's market, washing and packing away the produce, grocery shopping, recording a YOUtube video and just being present online with a friend that lost her mom a week ago. It's a little thing (never done before), this I know but the recognition is BIG for me. Did you know that an a
April 22, 2020
Have a happy Wednesday!!!
Another one!! Woohoo. Okay, so I think Mr. Google heard my dressed up ranting and indexed another one for me. He must have a special pass to move around unnoticed in WA.The day was packed with all kind of wonderful unscheduled things. One of those where the checklist to help you remember a couple items to respond to this week looks like a pixie has been adding things for you. And yes, an uncontrolled movement happened with my lips - some say it is a, I only get this new flur
Mr. Google is amazing, that's all I can say.Within the last two weeks or so (losing track a bit:-) I submitted 3 URLs so that my posts could be indexed. Would you believe the last one I did a couple hours ago was indexed just now?! The two others....:-). Just an opportunity for me to make another request for the inspection to see what emerges.On the lighter side, delighted to be entered into the hall....woo hoo! Next:-)Have a nice evening folks.