Two weeks and a half here at WA

Last Update: April 01, 2014

Hey everyone, so it has been around two weeks and a half since i started. I have so far learned alot, I have a website and a domain set up, working on a second siterubix site. I am slowly working on making my website better, dealing with a very old laptop and cruddy work computer and their network. Still needing to learn more on all of the plugins, SEO, website management. Some of the discussions and comments I feel are so over my head I get overwhelmed that I won't ever learn enough! But I know that Kyle said to stick with it and not give up and that usually in the 2nd to 3rd month is when people may give up and that is when they see rewards. I am hoping to see something before that time (I am getting very depressed and desperate with my current situation). But I am not a quitter!

I am also excited for this to pan out so that I can get out of my 9-5 job and be at home more and hopefully down the road not be out of money before my next today. Had to buy gas and some food with my credit card. I am very tired of that.

I am feeling that I have to figure out how to devote more time to developing my site and getting through the training, time management! Can be rather hard after getting home from work and after making dinner and hitting the gym....wish there were more hours in the day!!

What is everyone's routine for keeping up with training, maintaining your site, and being active here in the community? Any suggestions I would love to hear them!!

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chinky1979 Premium
I GO to work make dinner shower and work on my site. I have made sacrifices to make time for my online business...I will get my business in order before i worry about going to the gym but thats me...yiu need to make some sacrifices to make more time thats all you can do
Nicolasa Premium
Very True...I am usually getting to my site and WA after dinner and preparing for the next day as well. Thanks for the input
Trialynn Premium
When there is no time, you must make time, go to the gym one day less. get up one hour earlier, go to bed one hour later. How important is this journey to you? WA imposes no time requirements, only you can!
Nicolasa Premium
Thanks. You are right.
masirois Premium
I have a very detailed daily/weekly planner and I allocate a set amount of time to everything over the course of the week based on what I feel is priority.

I make sure I write, or brainstorm every day, even though I usually only post once a week. I make sure I hit one training opportunity a day. Now that I am through with starter and half way through bootcamp, I think of anything research-related as a training opportunity. Sometimes it means I read a newsletter in my inbox, but if I walked away having learned something new that I can apply to my business, it counts!!

Being active in the community is getting to be harder as I follow more folks and more follow me, so picking and choosing becomes an important skill. I bulk it in with timed activities, like email, social media and check out the posts in WA.

It's not easy, but eventually you'll find a rhythm that works for you. I strongly suggest that you take the training courses and tasks one at a time and don't try and overdo it. A few weeks isn't very long when you consider that you're starting your own business from the ground up!

Good luck,
Nicolasa Premium
Thank you very much for that sound advice! I will implement what you suggest.
msdj8163 Premium
You can schedule time to do lessons and be involved in the community. In the beginning, if you see a article you want to read and find out more about I would bookmark it to read later. I would suggest one lesson at a time and do all the work associated with the lesson. If you have sometime, then you can treat yourself to being involved in the community. You should go through your website once a month to see if you need to provide any updates on articles. When you get more articles you may want to archive your articles so you do not have clutter.

Some people actually set aside so many hours a day or during the weekend to do their training and work on their website. It can make it easier. Debbie
Nicolasa Premium
Good suggestion. I will figure out what time I have each day and go through training or an article. Thank you!