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April 03, 2014
I took the bait and upgraded to Jaaxy Pro! How could I not with all that Kyle and Carson offer in return. I am excited to see what types of keywords I can come up with to help promote my sites. Also that list of 1,000 keywords Kyle! I am definitely going to be reviewing those!I feel at times that I have brain lock when I go in to Jaaxy and try and come up with keyword searches but I know that with time it will become easier.atleasti hope it doesanyway :-/Here is to happy keyword
Hey everyone, so it has been around two weeks and a half since i started. I have so far learned alot, I have a website and a domain set up, working on a second siterubix site. I am slowly working on making my website better, dealing with a very old laptop and cruddy work computer and their network. Still needing to learn more on all of the plugins, SEO, website management. Some of the discussions and comments I feel are so over my head I get overwhelmed that I won't ever learn enough! But I kno
I am so jazzed! I just received my first comment from someone reading a post on my website! Two weeks in! Can't believe it! I have been bummed because my old, virus ridden computer has been giving me issues and i am going back and forth with my ipad, laptop and work computer (of which the internet sucks!) so at times it is trying to accomplish everything! So when I saw that comment after a difficult weekend it really psyched me out!!
March 19, 2014
HI all! So I am still slowly bear with me. I have never created my own Pin for Pinterest. I wanted to put my affiliate link and a banner in a pin and post it. I tried but I dont' think it worked since when i clicked on the banner in the pin it just brought me back to the banner page her at WA. any tips? Or should I just do my own Pic for a Pin and then in the comments have my affiliate link?
March 14, 2014
I am so excited. I just went premium....I am on my way starting My website...and on my way to stopping my nine to five job! How is it going for everyone else!
March 12, 2014
does anyone have multiple websites but in different niches? Curious to find out as I have some other ideas.