Struggling on month 1 of the Super Affiliate program

Last Update: February 09, 2018

I have been a member for almost a year now and have not written many articles on my first web site. The niche I chose is a bit tough. I am having trouble finding things to talk about. Alpacas is an interesting subject but I am involved in shearing only 3 months in the year. I focus on other things the rest of the year.

I decided to start the Affiliate Bootcamp and then was invited to the Super Affiliate program by Kyle. I created a new site with a very different niche: help small business owners and people who wish to start a business create presence online.

I have been working online for the last 5 to 6 years. I could not find a conventional job and found freelancer website where I landed a job as Customer Service Rep for a large US car manufacturer. I was working 40 hours a week online. With that in mind, I want to share my knowledge with readers. I have been successful and want to ensure my readers will use legitimate sites.

I started Wealthy Affiliates because I wanted to learn how to create good web sites. I am very happy with the training I got and really impressed on the quality of the community here.

I am struggling on the amount of work to be done for the first month. I am treating this as a challenge and getting organized to achieve it.

Next week I will tell you if my planning is working. I am sure it will. I will share the tricks I find. I wish you lots of fun and success in your goal what ever it is.


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Memorylaneuk Premium
It can be difficult starting a new site and if your time is limited because of other commitments the Super Affiliate challenge can be hard. Planning is something, I have to get a handle on too this month.
Wishing you every success.
With Grace and Gratitude
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Nicole, I wish you much fun and success with the Super Affiliates! It sounds like a tremedous challenge, all credit to you for taking it on. Thanks so much for updating us, it's really useful and interesting to hear how people are doing. Best of luck... onwards and upwards in 2018! Sue :)
pitofly Premium
You can do it! I am having a tough time myself. I stay up until midnight and wake up around 5:30 am. lots of other things are going on and my desk looks like nightmare!
Keep us posted. Good luck! Lets do this!
a1jonuk Premium
Organisation and planning I think is the key Nico. I too am in the Super Affiliate Group and I run a full time offline business so time is always against me.

I find a little and often is what works, if we get overwhelmed then we don’ t tend to get anything done whereas if we do just a little each day however small and insignificant we will see progress.

I look forward to reading about your progress and wish you the best in your Super Affiliate Journey.

NicoAlpaca Premium
Thank you Andrew. I like your suggestion to do a little and often a great idea. I will follow that plan and will "wake up" in March and see that everything is done. Thanks again. Have fun with the Super A Journey.

a1jonuk Premium
Thanks Nicole, appreciated.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Thank you for your excellent blog post Nicole, I believe that your second niche is a much better choice, especially as you have gained a lot of experience in what you are doing. It's great that you're on the Super Affiliate Training, I am too!

All the best you, Roy.