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Hi, so I'm a single mother with a passion for art. Anything creative and I'm your girl! Whether that be fixing something or creating





Is it wise to pick a niche that is'nt a passion?

Is it wise to pick a niche that is'nt a passion?

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Kind of a follow on question from my last........ in view of the trouble i'm having with my chosen niche... If I decide to change it, is it wise to pick something I know a lot

Hey Nicky,
Sorry to hear of your struggle. I would think that if there was
another niche that you liked and were knowledge about, that
might be the route. I know it is hard, but you are the one who has to do it. Another avenue might be to concentrate on promoting WA as you should already know what a great product it is and
how it could help lots of people. I just feel that if you find the right
niche and really get into it, then this would help your condition as
there would not be time to get depressed with all the work you
would be doing. I hope this helps.

Thanks for your comment Ken. I suppose it's hard as I'm learning. You are totally right in what you say but I don't feel I know enough to promote WA yet and not sure if I would enjoy focusing on depression, even if it is helping others. I'm going to concentrate on the art for now and give it a month or two before I make any decisions.


Hey Nicky,
Thanks for the like and for the comments. I respect your decision
as the whole idea of this organization is to allow each of us to
choose the direction that is right for us. I certainly will be behind
you 100% in whatever choice you make and only wish you all
the best.

Your welcome Ken,

Thank you for your kind words. I'll let you know how I progress I'm sure :-)

Happy Sunday :-D

Hey Nicky,
Thanks for the comments and the same to you.


Appreciate the like.

If you know a lot about something chances are this is a passion. Whether it be doing research due to your own experiences or helping someone else who is going through similar experiences, you will feel better about yourself by writing this down and sharing with others. I vote to go for it.

Hi Jeff, I'm unsure at the moment, its something I'm going to keep at the bottom of the list for now and see how I get on with the art site. I'll give it a month or two and if I don't make progress, that will be the option I'll take. Thank you for your advice.

To me, it comes down to how deep is your "Why" and your passion for succeeding in business. With a strong enough mindset, you will do whatever it takes and that includes developing a passion for a new area.

The key if you want to change is how do you fuel your passion for the new niche. Does helping others motivate you? What would motivate you in that niche? If you can't answer that, I would avoid the new niche.

Passions change. If you asked me 5 years ago what my passions were and ask me today; some have remained the same, some have vanished, and new ones have formed.

Hi Rich, thanks for replying. My passion to succeed and the why are top of the list for me and I understand what you mean in saying do whatever it takes but as a newbie in this field that wld make it extremely hard. Helping others definitely motivates me and I find helping others helps my own struggles with depression so I can answer that so maybe it wld be good. Thank you. Things seems so much easier when you get someone else's take on it.


Sounds like you are sorted :-)) hope you didnt delete the art website though :-))

The problem is that you spend so much time with your blog that it does have to be enjoyable, otherwise you can quickly start to resent it and the writing process becomes a real chore!

Maybe there is a particular angle on depression that you do feel passionate about - or are there particular products that you would really want to sell and review? - or is there an alternative side such as mindfulness or meditation to counteract depression that would interest you and you would like to learn more about yourself?

It is worth taking time to choose a niche because personally I think it's one of the hardest decisions you make in affiliate marketing.

Hi Marie, thanks for replying to my question. I think my angel wld be how I cope, what helps, what doesn't etc and I am into holistic things too as a means to feeling better abt things. I know also with a type of interactive site, this would keep me interested. I think it's something I may consider after reading the advice given here.

Many thanks Marie.


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