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Last Update: October 06, 2015

The purpose of this post is to make you guys aware of a crucial element missing on WA that would be extremely beneficial to you. If you would like to see WA implement what I am about to share, please "LIKE" this post below. and it will alert the PTB to take actions.

The Problem

When we share our WA affiliate links to various landing pages, either directly, or through our website and people sign up to WA, they capture that person's name and email. and WE DO NOT get that lead!.

The solution:

WA can easily allow us to have access to that lead and can help us grow our own email list, and not only encourage the new lead to go premium and participate in the community, but also provide to them access to our own content, resources and tools.

Another benefit of this is:

Your link may lead a person to sign up for WA, but another member may get "credit" for the signup because of the lifetime promise to 1st person who shares affiliate link to that person. If we are at least allowed to capture that email, then not only the person who got the financial benefit of the signup, but you as wel will benefit because you have a valuable lead! Your hard own money and time will not go to waste bringing in 100s (if not 1000s) of other people's original prospect. Win-Win-Win for all.

Modern Web Technology can make this happen

Other Membership sites offer this, and it is very easy for WA to set up. All they need to do is set up the api for most common email providers so we can add our list id to the landing pages we are sending people to.

To Kyle and Carson and the PTB of WA, if you truly want to see us be successful, please do this so we can see tremendous growth in our list and income!

***** LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD BY LIKE AND COMMENT BELOW, and share link with other members.*******

Thank for your time and consideration by reading this post.

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kirkW Premium
Well here's an Idea. Constant Contact. Now I'm not using this for WA and don't even know if it is allowed. I using it for a fundraising campaign for my orchestra. The campaign goes live on October 12. All I do is put in all the email contacts I and my board has and then the customers share it with their email contacts and friends. I don't ask for donations although that is an option they provide. Once I have collected the emails I will download them into Indiagogo for the funding campaign to be launched through them on November 1. If I get about 5 or 6 thousand emails I should be able to raise $50,000 or more in the 60 day campaign.
I have no idea if that will work in here. Hell, I still have so much more work to do and figure out for Indiagogo. Constant Contact on the other hand is very simple and cheap.
Hope this is of help.
NicheME Premium
@kirkW congrats on your indiiegogo. campaign launch. My son just got done running his Indiegogo campaign and raised over 85,000 for his watch company (4.5 times his goal). Check it out. Look up Morveau Watch to see what he did. List building is extremely important for that. He also took advantage of Facebook fan page and all of his friends. They all jumped on board to help make it viral and be featured. So do your homework and do all the pre-launch stuff you need.

What I am talking about hear is a little different than that. We all build list for our website. But I am talking about people linking from our website to this website using our affiliate link and signing up to WA. WA gets that lead on their list, we do not, all I am asking is to allow us to have that lead to our email list as well by adding simple code so WA and the person who brought the lead to WA get that person added to their perspective email list.
LelandBest Premium
Kirk what you are doing there is spamming. You cannot use emails from any hand-made or offline lists in online marketing without the owner's consent. It's against CanSpam laws.

You might want to read this.
kirkW Premium
OK, good to know.
MarionBlack Premium
I strongly disagree. Building a list should be a double opt-in. WA is and always will be a spam-free zone. Also you are mistaken about the cookies. Usually a cookie is overwritten if someone clicks on a different affiliate link to the same website. The credit goes to the person who was convincing enough in their presentation to make someone join. ~Marion
NicheME Premium
This has nothing to do with spamming! I don't know about your website and email list, but mine is not a website tool for spamming. I am creating website that provide resources and tools to help my Audience. I think you are doing the same. Just because WA calls that spam does not make it right.

Thanks for the info on cookies. good to know. Can you provide a link to where this says this? Everywhere I have searched says life-time cookies no matter whose affiliate link is clicked after.
whitsunday Premium
Nifty tool, Marion.
MarionBlack Premium
Glad you like it Janelle. I got it from Dennis (prestones) (◠‿◠✿)
LelandBest Premium
Marion, what NicheME is referring to isn't spamming. She would like the same thing I would like to see...a double opt-in landing page that allows all affiliate links clicked on and signed into through our member links to be provided to us as part of a user email list for our list building.

This isn't about spamming people as Kirk mentioned he's doing...

But I will look into the link you provided below. Looks like you tweaked some interest, but I haven't checked it, just noticed it was there.

NicheME, I think Marion was referring to Kirk, not your post.
LelandBest Premium
Marion, there is a difference between "lifetime cookie" and "cookie lifetime" or "Cookie Duration". A cookie's lifetime is set by the vendor/merchant/affiliate program for it's affiliates. A good affiliate program provides anywhere from 24 hours (ie. Amazon) to 30 days minimum. Myself, I prefer to find vendors with what we'll call a "lifetime cookie lifetime" which is to say that any future sales or upgrades made on my referral go to me as an affiliate because I brought the product to the consumer's attention. I belong to a few affiliate programs that do just that.

It was my understanding that WA was also a "lifetime cookie" ONCE THE SALE IS MADE. Meaning that any upgrades or resubscribes remain with that affiliate for the lifetime of their account in good standing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I pretty sure at least that much is true.

As far as "last cookie wins" goes, that's only plays into the initial sale here at WA, but it's not a typical model used by affiliate programs.

Sad truth is that many other affiliate programs have a set "lifetime/duration" before a 2nd affiliate can even think of receiving commissions, not so sure why Kyle and Carson strayed from this standard model. This doesn't bode well will most affiliates that are familiar with the standards. In fact, I've NEVER been a fan of "last click wins" cookie processing. I prefer to look at this in terms as defined below:

Some stats I picked up from an overseas affiliate:
What if we set ....
"Cookie life: 1 day
93.5% of all sales were done within first 24 hours, so affiliate will get nearly all commissions even if cookie life time is very short

Cookie life: 7 days
96.43% of all sales will be correctly tracked also in case cookie life time was to be defined as 7 days .... between 1 day and 7 days is nearly no difference

Cookie life: 30 days
98.21% of all sales are correctly tracked. In case merchant define 1 day in place of 30 day limit, he will save just 5% of all commissions - not a big deal if we know that motivation of your affiliates could fall by 50%."

Bottom Line Recommendations: (Merchant Best Affiliate Practices Forum)

"Based on the type of program that you run, I recommend the following as absolute minimum cookie durations:

1) For huge brand names (http://Amazon.com, Overstock, http://Buy.com, etc.) with many impulse items, frequent orders, a large, established customer base, good newsletter followup, etc.: At least 7 days.
2) For smaller online stores with relatively small average order sizes (under $100) and less brand recognition: At least 30 days.
3) For stores selling higher-ticket items ($100s or $1000s): At least 90 days.

Those should be treated as absolute minimum recommendations. In many cases, longer return days may be merited based on competition and other factors."

My Recommendation:
Set the cookie life time to 365 or more! It will not make a big difference for the merchant if a cookie's lifetime were 1 or 365 days. Show to your affiliates, that you care about their commissions.

Minimum acceptable cookie lifetime for affiliates should usually be 30 days. All values under 30 days makes affiliates worry about their commissions, as you see here quite frequently.

There's not much of a savings to the merchant by defining short cookie lifetimes, and this is a HUGE indicator as to how affiliate-friendly your program really is...

I personally don't think it's fair if I do all the recruiting just to have someone else get a commission on my lead that I may have worked on all week, only to have them find another WA site and click to sign-up on their link. It's not good business.
MarionBlack Premium
We have sufficient contact with our new referrals with being able to leave messages on their profile page. If we had their email address then SOME PEOPLE would spam. I'm not saying you, Leland or NicheME would spam but SOME would take an unfair advantage which would make the newbie uncomfortable with WA.
LelandBest Premium
MarionBlack, after a little thought on it, I see your point. WA really isn't a place to have upselling focused toward our companions within the community.

I say this is not really the place, mostly because all of us are out to do the same thing, build a business. It would really do us no good to build on that type of list when it comes right down to it. However, not every member remains with WA for one reason or another, and that doesn't necessarily mean they might not want to remain our customer. I have that type of relationships with several marketers that I buy from regularly.

Also, the other side to that coin is team-building. The last system I was involved in did just that. Your referral became part of your network and your team, if you wanted to build it up by becoming a leader. That site was also a "no-spam zone" and it was strictly enforced, yet there was still much activity in way of team-building taking place and that worked out well for everyone involved in the efforts of "one for all and all for one".

But I do see where Kyle and Carson could have gone either way and they, being the owners, have a right to run this site however they see fit.
MarionBlack Premium
I agree Leland (◠‿◕✿)
IRTimKerr Premium
Great idea! This would be so helpful.
LelandBest Premium
I agree with you 100% and I hope that the community does get involved here.

You have struck on the one thing about WA I never understood about WA. With all of our efforts, WA's list grows exponentially, while we have to request names and emails from our customers, then ask them to do it again to join WA, if we want to build a list....not a very tactful way to do things.

Any other program I've been in utilized the members own lead capture page (or had a builder inside for creating them) and a simple sales page link (as with any vendor) to make payment on the back end for the system. Not sure why (well, I'm not really) WA didn't implement this in the same fashion.

This may be something WA has up it's sleeves or it may fall on deaf ears. Let's see...

Kyle, Carson...I'm sure you've been asked this several times before but I've never been privy to your answers on the matter. Care to elaborate?
NicheME Premium
Thank you for your insight! I think if enough people share this link in PM to Kyle and Carson, They will get the message and take action.