How To Get Retweeted Like A Boss

Last Update: December 04, 2014

Every time I use to send a tweet it almost felt like the twitter bluebird had his wings clipped in mid-flight and was rocketing to the earth in a free fall to his death…(SPLAT)

Ok…maybe not that dramatic, but it was bad. Twitter use to be a mystery to me…getting followers, Retweets (RT), and favorites just were not realistic.

I tweet and get nothing, I ask a question I get nothing, I post a quote and I got nothing…

Then I decided since I am a total dork and I don’t like losing that I would make a more concerted effort to get retweeted…I picked up a few best practices (I will share below) and with some time and some patience I began to see a great increase in RT's.

Here are some example of what my tweets look like from 3 days in Nov 2014:

**I have hidden the names to protect the innocent

Almost 1000 total Retweets in Nov 2014 w/ almost a 7% user engagement according to twitter analytics. - not to bad for a guy who got NOTHING

Ok I’ll stop braggin’…honestly Twitter isn’t much to brag about as it is the least lucrative of all the forms of social media and for me doesn’t result in a lot of qualified website traffic, but…nonetheless you should maintain it to keep up your brand awareness.

Also notice above Retweets lead to more followers, more followers lead to more Retweets


I can share with you a few simple things that can help you work towards more retweets and convincing people to do what you want. I have done a lot of research and there are a lot of metrics to support this data as factors that increase Retweets.

    1.Add an Image or Video

    2.Use (#) Tags

    3.Use exclamation points as punctuation when appropriate

    4.Write numbers numerically not alpha i.e. use 2 and not two

    5.The 3 most Retweetd words are Please, retweet, and post

    6.Don’t use 140 characters – keep tweets between 70-100

    7.Most retweets happen in the first 25 min

    8.The more people you Retweet the more likely you are to get retweeted

    9.Post on twitter between 1-3pm Mon- Thursday

    10.Start Your tweets with a number or the words “How” or “Why”

I don’t use all of these suggestions all the time, but I use them as a general guideline. As a matter of fact despite what research shows about times to get Retweeted, my target audience tends to Retweet more late at night…so niche and demographic may vary.

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For Other Twitter tips, you may enjoy my WA blog post titled: Twitter and The Indirect Sales Pitch or on my blog: How To Sell On Social Media And Not Sound Like A Douche Bag

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This is very helpful. I use Twitter for personal use but wasn't sure how I would strategize over my niche site. Thanks for posting this.
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Sure thing. Here is another cool way to use Twitter.

Increase Social Sharing On Your Next Blog Post

You can create tweets and put them inside of your blog posts for people to tweet your content. Essentially you are creating the exact message you want someone to Tweet.

If you need any help or have any questions let me know.
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Awesome! Thank you
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