Twitter and The Indirect Sales Pitch

Last Update: December 04, 2014

When you only have 140 characters to say something clever or useful and combine it with a call to action you need to follow a guideline so that you can execute successfully for each and every tweet. I will get into my indirect sales pitch technique, but first:

My Rules for Twitter

1.Think First Then Tweet: Don’t react to things that you will regret. Each tweet should add value to the community. If you save your 140 characters for things that are actually worth sharing people will read your tweet as oppose to disregard with the rest of the annoying clutter.

2.Tease: Create thought provoking headlines that make people curious. With the character limitations you only have room for the setup, so choose efficient and effective words

3.Use Hashtags: Hashtags are by far the #bestpartofTwitter. They are awesome to actually make things searchable or show sarcasm or wittiness.

4.Leave space for Retweeting: Retweets is one of the best compliments. Don’t use all 140 characters, leave enough space for [RT@twittername], so your audience can retweet and comment.

5.Validate your links: If you are using Twitter to drive traffic to your site/blog check it before you send it. Nothing sucks more than actually getting the click and directing someone to a 404 error

How to write an indirect Twitter sales pitch

There are two types of sales pitches, direct and indirect. Direct means - Click here and buy this product, while indirect means click here to read about why this product is good. In my personal experience direct sales pitches do not work very well on Twitter. I am going to focus here on indirect sales and how you can use them to lure consumers to your blog content. There is an art to convincing people...I find this strategy works best to get the click on twitter...

Here is an example of an indirect twitter sales pitch:

"10 reasons your deodorant is letting you down" – then you would put your link in that goes to an article or video telling people what their brand is missing.

Indirect sales create intrigue for your followers . There is a general understanding that that by clicking your link they will be rewarded – In the case above the reward is useful info about their deodorant

Here is what makes for a good indirect sales pitch on Twitter:

1.Useful Information: Garner attention with a tease of useful information they might like. Then reward them with the information they were seeking and make sure it’s information that they actually can use - (Never lie here or direct them to unrelated content)

2.Play On Their Emotions: Great salesmen know how to thrive on consumer emotions. (fear of being stinky) is a great way to drive action – like clicking on your link

3.It’s Not About You, It’s About Them: No one cares about you (#1 rule of copy writing). The consumer is strictly interested in "How Do I Benefit” – If you can get them to click your link the indirect exposure is a powerful way to create brand recognition.

My Last Notes on Twitter:

If you are new to Twitter or just trying to start building your audience, Famous Quotes are a great place to start. Use Hashtags to get them found, you will find people favorite and retweet them. If you wanna get more Retweets read this!

Do Not Buy Twitter followers: Believe me you would rather have one person that you could engage with and possibly sell to, then have 500 people you can’t. You will spend all your twitter energy wondering why no one engages with you.

By no means am I a social media expert, more of just a student of the game. If you are interested in following me on Twitter I am:


Best of luck with all your social media endeavors. See you in the Twitterverse : )

Please share your thoughts on how you connect w/ folks on Twitter.

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Thanks was great infio. I haven't connected to twitter yet.
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Twitter is a great medium to promote your products or services, but really gets flooded with garbage sometimes. Don't go out of your way to sign up if you are still setting up your blog. Social Media is a great way to engage customers, but shouldn't be your total business (my opinion)
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Great post, thanks! We're going to follow you, please follow us back @mydoggiedoodle
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Thanks for the folow. Now Following you back : ) See u on Twiiter