The distractions in my life

Last Update: September 23, 2018

It¨s been 5 weeks since I joined Wealthy Affiliate, and I learn something new everyday. Handling distractions from my friends have been a problem to my business, and I fall for the temptation so easily. To have the ability to say no convincingly is something I am missing.

My friends only care about getting drunk and talk about ship. When I mention business, they just laugh and say it is a waste of time. In their eyes, I am the least intellectual in the group.

I know what I must do. I have to get rid of the toxic people in my life, even friends I had since childhood. Only then I can truly focus my mindset into right direction!

True friends are people who support your dream!

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BetterDays2C Premium
Hi Niceblood,
Unfortunately, if you want to be successful, you are going to have to cut your friends loose! It is difficult to do, and can be sad, but you have to do what is best for you!

My son is now 34. He was kind of in your boat at about the same age. He went to college, but none of his friends did. He stayed in contact with all of them through those years. He left collage in the last semester because he got a job opportunity he could not pass up. He started working in the tech industry, and has averaged over $100,000 per year since. After college, he continued to hang out with the group, but as time passed, they started drifting apart. The main reason was because he was successful and they were not. And, of course, whenever they went out, they ALWAYS expected him to pick up the tab because he had the MONEY!

He still keeps in touch with most of them, but very seldom sees any of them. They all live at home (at 34 years old!), work low paying dead end jobs, will probably never get married, etc. So take it from me, you are making the right decision! My son moved out when he was 25, has lived on his own since and is engaged to be married. Much different from his old friends! I know it will be hard, but you know the right thing to do! Good Luck and take care. Also, I doubt you will need my help, but if you get stuck, reach out and I will see if I can help you. Also, there are many others here that will dot he same!
Niceblood Premium
That was a very touching story. Thank you for sharing :)
LCEndahl Premium
AND show them to NOT laugh at you and your business again.

You CAN do this!!
Niceblood Premium
You're right, Laura!

Let's do this!
HesBack Premium
One of the hardest things for any person starting a business is to deal with all the distractions. And FRIENDS can be a BIG DISTRACTION. Depending on their attitude, or they can be a great asset.

But a true friend does not tear you down but tries to build you up. I often in consulting with clients in my business coaching business share with them the brilliant words of Jim Rohn “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” so you can either surround yourself with people who have the right attitude and encourage and build you up (and in the process bring your 'average up') or you can surround yourself with the losers that want nothing more than to hang out in the bars night after night, and accomplish absolutely nothing in their lives (and drag you down with them).

When we associate with motivated people we have no other alternative to be motivated or they will eventually cut away the deadwood (which would be us) if we were not of their caliber. So we stay motivated to remain in that circle. The opposite is also true. Losers hang out with losers because they have nothing to prove to the group.

It is not easy to turn our backs on our "friends" but sometimes in life, we have to make hard sacrifices and simply remove yourself from a toxic situation for our own good. Besides if they are really losers are they really friends?

Hang out with people who will push you when you need a push, pull you up when you need a pull, and simply walk beside you the rest of the time.

So, that all being said, I think that you know in your heart what you really have to do.

Best of luck in the pursuit of your dream here at WA.

-Dr. Carl
Niceblood Premium
I completely agree with you!

Cheers Dr. Carl! :)
JamesE31 Premium
Congratulations on your new Wealthy Affiliate business. Just on, and liosten to your new AffilTE FRIENDS.
Niceblood Premium
Thank you James!
petepavasqu Premium
Hi and you said it best "True friends are people who support your dreams!"
You have made the decision now it is time to get to work on your new journey. You will attract true friends and a wealthy life.

Niceblood Premium
Cheers Pete :)