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When I woke up today, something came to my mind. Why am I writing about business niche when I haven't had any success with it. Why would people read my content when I'm just passionate about it.What I knew is, I've been playing video games in my whole life. NES, SNES, world of warcraft you name it. Changing my niche in that direction will give me a better opportunity to promote product such as keyboard, computers, laptops and so on.Does anyone have experience with this kind of niche?I would lik
So, I decided to write a book about my life, turn my life into a novel.But Øystein, for real? But..why?Yeah, why not?A lot of successful people have written their own book. Not just one, but many. I read F. U money by Dan Lok, and I realized he wasn't successful by the time he wrote his first book. The people saw him as a successful person because he had written a book.We all have some unforgettable moments we don't want to forget, but when the age takes over we will forget. So if others
September 23, 2018
It¨s been 5 weeks since I joined Wealthy Affiliate, and I learn something new everyday. Handling distractions from my friends have been a problem to my business, and I fall for the temptation so easily. To have the ability to say no convincingly is something I am missing. My friends only care about getting drunk and talk about ship. When I mention business, they just laugh and say it is a waste of time. In their eyes, I am the least intellectual in the group.I know what I must do. I have t
September 15, 2018
My first step into successThis is absolutely crazy. Never have I thought I would find such an awesome community as Wealthy Affiliate. I discovered WA when I was traveling to Sweden with two of my friends to work with a MLM project. During a meeting I was introduced to WA by another marketer, and I was blown away when I saw the opportunity. In this case I diden't't have to chase people anyone. I can just educate myself here and attract people to me.This was early august, and I am working on a sh