Update on Aug 30 2016

Last Update: August 29, 2016

It has been a great 3 months here at Wealthy Affiliate and I have learned so much and put so much into practice.

I have not yet completed a lot of the training and still got a long way to go but still, I do think that I have come a long way.

For a few of my Keywords, my website is listing on Page number 2 of Google now, which I believe is tremendous success!!! I'm so thankful to the WA community for helping me make this happen.

I also now have 10 blogs on each of my two websites! Each has at least a comment and though I'm not getting the amount of traffic that I was wishing for at this point, I'm still going to work at it and not give it up! It gives me something to work for right?

Hard work is the point to this online business and without it, there can be no success.

Although I'm the only one working on this, the husband is also seeing the potential of this online business now and everyday, he asks me if I worked on it and how things are going with it. It gives me such great courage to know that this is so important to him too!!!

So, in other words, WA has given us hope for a better future and something worth-while towards which to work hard! It has led us to believe that this is the only way to reach our financial and personal goals.

I would suggest to all the newbies out there, trying WA out today, or have perhaps been here just a few days, a few weeks, to really give this your all and the results will start appearing. Give it a year and you will be making consistent income from Affiliate marketing.

If i can be of any help, you know where to find me!! I will always respond!


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MPollock Premium
Nice work, have a great day
JudeP Premium
It does help when you family is behind you too :)
JosephSeely Premium
Keep it up!
indahpermai Premium
This is such a beautiful post. I'm so glad you found WA. It's really rewarding. I'm also happy that your hubby is in it too. Keep up the good work. You're doing just great there. I wish you all the best!
janmar Premium
Great progress!
newstar Premium
Thank you so much Janmar!