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September 12, 2016
Hello everybody!I would like to announce to a new addition to our family. Her name is Sheila Reyes. If you could please extend your welcome to her to make her feel at home, that would be greatly appreciated! She is new to this online business and needs us for support.ReyhanaP.S;- Her name here at WA is sheilaareyes
August 29, 2016
It has been a great 3 months here at Wealthy Affiliate and I have learned so much and put so much into practice.I have not yet completed a lot of the training and still got a long way to go but still, I do think that I have come a long way.For a few of my Keywords, my website is listing on Page number 2 of Google now, which I believe is tremendous success!!! I'm so thankful to the WA community for helping me make this happen.I also now have 10 blogs on each of my two websites! Each has at least
I so cannot believe it! I followed all that Kyle laid out in the training and I'm just positively surprised!Only 2 and a half months in, I'm already on page 4 of Google for one of my reviews, and with a major keyword too at that! So you might ask me what I did to maximize SEO? I followed the training from Wealthy Affiliate and also started posting my pages and posts on G+.To all of you wondering "Does Wealthy Affiliate really work?", I can tell you, it does! You will not receive any training as
July 25, 2016
All I can say is that this definitely works. I just received a recurring commission from one of the people that joined through my website and the feeling is absolutely awesome!Although they didn't find my website through a search engine (I was the one who redirected them to it), it's amazing to know that if I could only get about 100 more to join Wealthy Affiliate, then I can quit my full time office job!!!The key is to keep yourself motivated and focused on your goals. Keep working on it at ho
Been progressing slowly but surely. I cannot say that I have been more pumped to stick with something that I liked so much. Usually, as with my crochet projects, I just get bored and leave it for a few months before coming back. SO far, I have managed to sign into WA and working at it every single day. I consider this a major achievement. SInce I also made my first $$ within 1 month, I'm also very motivated. I'm almost done with the Course number 2, about generating traffic to my website. The b
June 25, 2016
I signed in this morning to find out that one of my referrals went PREMIUM! This is so exciting and I wanted to share it with all of you!I MADE MY VERY FIRST $8!It's not much but it's definitely a start. This really works! And this was through the my "Build a Website" page.To the people just signing up and looking at my post, I have been here about a month and been working on my websites and talking to friends and relatives. My advice is to stick with doing what you gotta do, to follow Kyle in
June 01, 2016
Hello there WA Family!Ash and I have made the decision to move out from my mom's, now to finally and REALLY start our new life as a married couple. And we are moving this coming Saturday! So much to do but I will still somehow manage to make some time for my business! He is newly immigrated to Canada and 3 months in, he found a job in his domain. He is a painter and his full-time employment as a painter is what is allowing us to really move forward. I believe that, though we are able to make so
I've learned so much over the course of the past few days that I was able to help out a few other WA members today! On top of that, I've finished the first 3 pages of my WA review website and added the 3 other themes that I want to work with on the website. I also spoke to a few people face to face about WA and gave them my link to check it out! All in all, a productive day towards my online business!This is the link to my website; feel free to let me k
I'm now done with all the first 10 lessons and looking at the website I created, I'm more convinced that I can definitely make it here! All the training has been so helpful and informative, especially since website creations are a first for me! Moving on to Affiliate Bootcamp!Update; I also made it to Premium just now! I cannot wait to learn more on how to develop my website further! This website creation business is so much fun and I'm hooked!
May 20, 2016
Q#1 - I would be happy earning $1000 / weekQ#2 - I would be ecstatic earning $2000 / weekQ#3 - I want to invest as much time as I can every single day (even on weekends) but with a minimum of 5 hours / day.