Moving out soon!

Last Update: June 19, 2016

Hello there WA Family!

Ash and I have made the decision to move out from my mom's, now to finally and REALLY start our new life as a married couple. And we are moving this coming Saturday! So much to do but I will still somehow manage to make some time for my business!

He is newly immigrated to Canada and 3 months in, he found a job in his domain. He is a painter and his full-time employment as a painter is what is allowing us to really move forward. I believe that, though we are able to make some improvements in our lives because he got a job, it will not help us achieve any more than what we already have. So of course, I will still be marching full-steam forward, full of determination to make my online business work!

Thank you all for your support up until now!


We have pretty much moved in and have organised everything the way we want. The only thing is I'm not a very good cook, I can only manage. It's great to have a husband who likes to participate in the kitchen and still tell you the food tastes great although it's a flop!!!! ;)


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JDunyon Premium
Best of luck with the move. I hope it goes smoothly for you. You will become a success here your determinant will see to that I'm sure.
JWF Premium
Nice...Awesome news! I'm always excited for others when they get an improvement in their life! Great attitude aboit marching on! May YHWH bless you both and your parents!
With-Kev Premium
Exciting time for you and your husband. Wish you all the best Reyhana. Cheers Kev
emtaylor042 Premium
Good for you Reyhana :)
budgetgina Premium
Moving up in the world....good for you two.....