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Last Update: May 21, 2021

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Several years ago, I watched the unfolding behaviour of one of my friends. One minute she was okay and laughing and talking, and the next minute she was holding her underwear in my hand and asking my brother if it was okay for her to put it on.

That was a sudden scary transformation!

We later learned that the man she loved rejected her, which was the start of her becoming mentally ill.

Family History

Yes, she had a family history because she was conceived in a hospital for the mentally ill. That didn't stop the horrible stigma that followed her afterwards.

We all faced pressuring times from time to time. Sometimes if it isn't for our inner strength and support from friends and loved ones, we would be THAT person muttering and doing acts that we all call 'abnormal.'

Society plays are significant role in the stresses of our lives. Society is the major ones that use derogatory terms and labels that increases the pressure of individual experiencing this illness.

It is now time for us to accept that being mentally unwell is an illness.

Health Care Practitioners

As a Nurse Practitioner, it pains me to see how some of my colleagues treat patients with a history of mental illness. This is so sad to see relatives as well practising this unhealthy behaviour.

May is mental health month. Can we start by being kind and supportive to each other?

Unfortunately, this illness is on the increase because of the pandemic. And most times, it is too late for us to treat the symptoms.

Never forget,

  • Not everyone display the apparent signs
  • Most people become very suspicious and defensive as they are trying to hide the way they are feeling
  • It could be YOUR close friends or families
  • It could be you!
  • It doesn't take ANYTHING to show kindness and be supportive!

Please reach out and support someone today!

Until next time,


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Really good thoughts and input on mental health and being kind. My daughter is now seeing a man with autism and a rare physical disease. He is the kindest, most sensitive man. He just has more challenges than some of the rest of us. I guess that doesn't mean mental illness but it's not far off.


Paula, I understand
It may not mean mental illness but society can still be unkind to such an awesome, kind sensitive man

.I strongly believes that worldwide education is the way to go forward

Thank you Paula for stopping by.
Have an amazing weekend

Mental health must be taken more seriously. When I had burnout years ago I often heard "get over it", "we all got shit to deal with, you know!" That tough love was hurtful, and it only reaffirmed that those people had no idea what I was going through, making me feel alone among many.

For that reason I created a website about healing from burnout, so that no one finds him or herself alone while going through something like that. It is sad that only because of covid more people are becoming more aware of it. We still have a lot of work to do and we have to stop labelling people who have mental health issues or illnesses.

Spot on, Christine
So sorry about your burnout and I really do not like when others compare what you're going through with similar things that happened to them AND then telling you to get over it

I think it's because the stigma of mental illness is still very high

Worldwide education is absolutely necessary to combat and reduce these occurrences

Is that website on your follow on pages under your profile?

I think I added my burnout website to the follow links, yes.

Thank you
I will have a look later

Thank you :-)

Awesome ;)

Just read it !
Wow and Wow

My Dad was born in England in what was once known as a workhouse for the mentally unstable. Today it is a large teaching hospital.

Dad never spoke about where he was born, and I never knew. As children, many of us were born at home. It wasn't until I made the family history that I found out. If he were alive today, I would have asked him how that felt.

The Pandemic has caused many issues for families and partners because they are at home together.

Showing kindness is essential to everyone's wellbeing. Even a smile goes a long way.

That's so on point Yvonne
Even a smile goes a very long way

I'm glad that you found out and appreciated your family history.

The increase in mental illness on the society especially as a result of the pandemic is surely taking a toil on us now

A smile cost nothing. We all should learn and support each other whenever we can

For sure a smile is free.

Awesome ;)

I have worked in HealthCare for many years and my heart goes out to anyone in need of Kindness and support, we as a society should be more sympathetic and understanding that these people are sick! and need help, yes we need to show kindness and be supportive, it doesn't take anything! All of them are God's people, and he said, what you do to the least of them! you do to me! GOD BLESS!

I definitely agree with you Dorothy, kindness and support is definitely attributes that everyone needs to extend to one another. God is Love and we all must live and love as God does - showing love to everyone.

Yes, we have a lot of people with Mental Disabilities in need of help, and just NOW people are starting to recognize it and give them the help they most desperately need. Extend a hand of love.
Thank you, EdRezewski!

Well said, Dorothy,
Like you, my heart continues to go out to people who are mentally unwell

Education is the key going forward
It really should be an effort showing kindness and support

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your response


Hopefully, the public will continue to give their support


You are welcome

In many ways the general public can be nasty or cruel when it comes to mental health. I got to believe that there is a fear that it might rub off (like not in my backyard syndrome). More than likely it is something that is very difficult to understand because they have never been there & if they were they likely wouldn't know it. It is sad to see a number of people attempting to do mass shooting's because they were off their med's. It is a huge problem that needs to be tackled and it seems to be no answer without going to much either way for correction. Unfortunately, the pandemic appears to raise it's ugly head on this one to make matters worse.

Edward, I strongly believe that education is the way to go forward on this subject

It should be made mandatory for all.
There will be other triggers such as the pandemic and an increase in mental illness as well.

Thank you for stopping by. Your input was appreciated

Education, you're Right. it didn't even enter into my mind, but it makes a lot of sense. Excellent.

Awesome :)
Thank you for stopping by

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