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February 13, 2014
Perhaps the most popular excuse I have ever encountered is this one...I simply don't have the time or I've got to much going on right now, etc., etc. For some people I can understand it; however, for most of the people they can find the time but they just don't want to do it. Timing is critical for people. There is a syndrome out there called, NNRN or No, Not Right Now. Have you run across someone with that very affliction? I bet many of you have encountered such individuals... So the nex
February 11, 2014
Is all that you can do. I heard that a number of years ago...All you can do, is all that you can do. The man who spoke it delivered it to a small group of individuals who were invited to to his get-a-way house in The Highlands of North Carolina. He wasn't the only billionaire who resided in that particular community. This man built a business completely from the ground up. He started out as a life insurance salesman and built his business consisting of only himself. After a number of year
February 07, 2014
So what is true? So here we are, entering, for many of us, a new realm of business. We've had to adapt and overcome obstacles, great and small, brick and mortar verses cyber space and so on and so forth. I just want to take a moment and share something I heard several lustrums ago....okay almost 30 years ago. Some time ago, five blind men were asked to describe in detail what an elephant appeared to them as. It's worth noting, these men have never had an encounter with an elephant prior to
February 04, 2014
I knew in order to be successful I had to learn to live outside of my comfort zone. Some years back I did and wow did I ever have fun. There never seemed to be a shortage of anything until I started getting civilized...No I don't mean I was a party animal or did crazy things, I mean I started to get comfortable...I stopped progressing, growing. I became stagnant...I got away from some of the people I was hanging with and rekindled old friendships...not that they were the wrong sort of people
February 03, 2014
Several years ago I had the good fortune of finding an incredible individual to mentor me...despite being a few months younger, but certainly not better looking, I took to his guidance and learned to think the way extremely successful people think. I knew I was fortunate to land in this "kid's" good graces because in his phone he had the private numbers of several of the most prominent business people in America today. Billionaires all...most of whom were self made individuals. I met many of
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