What? No Time On Your Hands?

Last Update: February 14, 2014

Perhaps the most popular excuse I have ever encountered is this one...I simply don't have the time or I've got to much going on right now, etc., etc. For some people I can understand it; however, for most of the people they can find the time but they just don't want to do it. Timing is critical for people. There is a syndrome out there called, NNRN or No, Not Right Now. Have you run across someone with that very affliction? I bet many of you have encountered such individuals...

So the next time you run across someone who keeps telling you they do not have the time perform a Time Audit. Take a sheet of paper and on the top of it write the number 168. This number reflects how many hours there are in a week. Draw a line and ask them how many hours a night they sleep. Whatever number they give you simply multiply that with 7. Let's say they are lucky and they get 8 hours of sleep a night. Take the sum, in this case 58 and slide it under 168 and subtract. The new total is 110. Next ask them how many hours a week they work...on average and make sure to include overtime if they are so inclined to get any. Whatever the number write it down under your sum of 110...let's say 40. That leaves 70 hours.

Next ask them how long it takes them to drive to and from work each day.

Ask them how long it takes them to have breakfast, shower and eat dinner.

Ask them how many hours of tv they view a night.

You can ask them how long do they spend at church a week and how long does it take them to get ready.

Ask them about date nights with a spouse or friend...How many hours a week do they spend on it.

How many hours working out a week.

How much time do they spend on the Internet.

How much time do they spend on their hobbies.

How much time do they spend cleaning their home and washing clothes and shopping.

Right now you're probably thinking "oh boy, I'll never convince anybody they've got enough time.. Keep in mind that this tool is not being used by you to convince them they have time but to convince themselves they have time. They have to believe it themselves, first. Occasionally you run into somebody who literally does not have enough hours in the week, then obviously they are juggling or cutting out something. Perhaps they don't have to watch as much television or spend hours upon hours gaming or online. I'v seldom ever ran across somebody who didn't come away thinking they could fit whatever it was into their schedule...Some compromised, others had plenty of time left over. It should look like this when you are done


168 Hours in a week

-58 Hours of sleep

110 hours left over

-40 hours of work

70 hours left over

-8 hours drive and get ready

62 hours left over

-7 hours breakfast and dinner

55 hours left over

-5 hours gym

50 hours left over

-3 hours church

47 hours left over

-12 hours television/internet

35 hours left over

-6 hours date night with get ready

29 hours left over

-8 hours hobby

21 hours left over

-8 hours cleaning, shopping and laundry

13 hour left over

13 hours left over in the week...to do something, to learn, build a business or do whatever they can do to better themselves or family. Remember, ask them what they do, ask them how many hours they devote to each individual task. You just found your prospect 13 hours in which to do something...maybe even yourselves. Give yourself a time audit and see where you can make room for whatever it is you're trying to accomplish. If you can make a few adjustments then you are better off than 90% of those people who will not.

I've used this tool very successfully over the years to help people find the time, they believed they did not have...all you have to do is show them...If they're still not convinced, there is always the next prospect.

Find the time? You betcha, there's always time for success.

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pajames111 Premium
Nice technique. I think I will use it on myself first!
bkcook Premium
Great post
SandraD Premium
This is all true but what do u do when exhaustion hits you? I try so hard but i havent had leave in 3 years so struggling to give it my alll. You left out helping the kids with their homework. Lol. We are superwomen
don16 Premium
This is just what I needed to get my butt in gear. Thanks
yancbren Premium
That is pretty cool. You know we all find time for the things that we want to find time for.
bkcook Premium
So true Brenda. This make you realize the excuses you make automatically doesn't it?
yancbren Premium
Girl, and I have a ton of those excuses, use the regularly when I don't want to do something.