I'm way out of my comfort zone

Last Update: February 04, 2014

I knew in order to be successful I had to learn to live outside of my comfort zone. Some years back I did and wow did I ever have fun. There never seemed to be a shortage of anything until I started getting civilized...No I don't mean I was a party animal or did crazy things, I mean I started to get comfortable...I stopped progressing, growing. I became stagnant...I got away from some of the people I was hanging with and rekindled old friendships...not that they were the wrong sort of people they were just individuals who were happy with their current situation in life, where I clearly was not. I learned a long time ago: "You are who you hang with"...Truer words where never uttered.

So now, it's taken some doing, I've made new friends, hopefully soon enough more of you on here, as well as picked up with some past relationships. I enjoy talking and hanging around these folks because they are all, uncomfortable. They can't stand around doing nothing waiting for something to happen...they go out and make something happen, for themselves and or their families. By staying comfortable, which is very easy, we can't grow and I'm not just talking about financially, I mean emotionally, spiritually and every kind of good way possible.

So coming here, joining up, taking the classes, building the first of many websites, blogging and all the things attached with this community has made me extremely uncomfortable...and I couldn't be happier.

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Jason T Premium
Wow You just nailed it. I've never had a bad experience from leaving my comfort zone somehow my God always seems to make it a beneficial move on my end, leaving your comfort zone means You are advancing and moving forward GREAT BLOG
Lamburg Premium
I'm out of my comfort zone too and never felt so alive! I know exactly what you mean!
yancbren Premium
Sometimes taking that leap is the best thing we can do. Thanks for sharing.