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Last Update: February 11, 2014

Is all that you can do. I heard that a number of years ago...All you can do, is all that you can do. The man who spoke it delivered it to a small group of individuals who were invited to to his get-a-way house in The Highlands of North Carolina. He wasn't the only billionaire who resided in that particular community.

This man built a business completely from the ground up. He started out as a life insurance salesman and built his business consisting of only himself. After a number of years his business grew to the point where he had over 200,000 licensed agents working under him. Yes that number is correct, 200,000. He then sold his business to Citigroup for the tidy sum of 1 billion dollars. Today he is worth a little over 2.4 billion dollars...certainly not the richest man in the world but he's still an individual who when speaks, a lot of people listen, particularly me.

Now I am not money obsessed or obsessed with wealthy people but I like to think I follow and learn from successful people. Success comes in a variety forms and it can be applied to any manner: faith, relationships, financially, get the idea.

Many years ago an author by the name of Napoleon Hill, who was greatly influenced by Andrew Carnegie, wrote a book entitled, Think and Grow Rich. If you've never heard of this book, you should. I found that many of the most successful people in America read this book and many of them daily. Despite the title the book, it's not about making delves much deeper then that. It's a formulaic work on personal development; be a better individual and be a little richer...richer in life, love and so on. You can apply the principles to making money but as I said most of its readers prefer to enhance their own personal lives.

Getting back to the home in The Highlands, I had to use the bathroom so I excused myself from the gathering and went about my business. Upon reaching my destination I found a copy of this book, Think and Grow Rich, which is still in print by the way, on the counter in the bathroom. Upon my return I questioned our host about this and he told me he had that book placed in every bathroom and the master bedroom so he could read snippets from it everyday, no matter where he all 11 bathrooms.

Now I told you that story to tell you this one. During the evening our host once again spoke about finding a way to win. To do whatever was necessary to be successful and stay successful. He told us to do those things which most people wouldn't do, in other words apply ourselves to coming up with solutions to problems and to also remove any or all negative influences around us. He told us to check and recheck and check again our mindsets, review our ideas, solutions, goals...and if you find yourself walking through hell..he told us that's when you keep on walking. If after all of that you haven't overcome whatever obstacle is keeping you from success then...You know that all you can all that you can do.

Then he added, now go find another game plan and make that work.

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lane2000 Premium
This was a really good article you wrote, good job!
terryellen Premium
enjoyed your post, must be a good book,
Newbie John Premium
Hi Terry, thank you for the post, yes it is...I recommend you scan through a copy next time you're at the book store...see if you don't pick up a nugget or two.
Johnson Premium
In order to succeed you must surround yourself with successful people then learn from them. Good book...
Newbie John Premium
Exactly right, as they say...You are who you hang with