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Last Update: June 05, 2021


Per the training, I am here to put out my first blog in the community. First off, I am happy to plant this seed for an opportunity of passive income. Having financial freedom really gives more confidence in the world in general and I plan on following the steps to see this through.

I am excited about how many articles I already wrote. It's kind of fun venting in a way that you don't really vent in real life. One thing about my progress though that I am still fine-tuning is the images on my website. The theme showed that I could put the main image, but all my articles are just coming through as a list of articles and showing none of my pictures unless you click on it. I just want one solid picture so that way when someone goes to my website it's not all wordy of a list of articles. For some reason, the theme shows I can do this, but it's not giving me an option. But other than these tweaks that need to be made, I am excited that I was able to create articles.

My niche is Pants for Tall Women. I am having problems with keywords. All my keywords that have "tall women" in it and I don't really understand how to direct tall women to my website without using the word "tall women" in all my keywords. Although, I find the best keywords with the word "tall women" in it. I just don't want to overuse the word, but still don't understand how to reach out to the tall women community without specifying in my keywords. I know I can use analogies, which I will, but still, how do I direct the tall women community to my website without mentioning tall women or analogies in my keyword? Or is this okay? I did already ask about it and got some feedback, I need to prepare myself to be able to come up with all kinds of keywords and I still don't understand how to drive the traffic I want without using the word "tall women" or an analogy in my articles.

3 Month Goal: to have my website set up where it can grow into the rankings and start getting some traffic

6 Month Goal: Make my money back that I put into Wealthy Affiliate Premium

These goals are light but feasible I think.

Thanks for reading my first blog.

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GeoffreyC1 Premium
Keep up the good work
Newme202 Premium
Dana, you've received some lovely help from other members.
I hope you found them all useful
I wish you well on your journey
Generalinfo Premium Plus
Have you tried alphabet soup in Jaaxy?

Also maybe find tall women like in a women's basketball forum and ask where and how they find there clothes. 😁
JoeRebisz Premium
Well done so far Dana! Both Paula and Partha have some good ideas for you, keep it going!!
ParthaB Premium

I think Paula's hit some great points.

The "featured image" is something that many themes have, which will show an image next to or above your content on your blog roll.

As for the issue of "tall women" on every article, I know I've mentioned to you before that it's fine.

However, this is a common issue for most people when they start blogging.

There's a tendency to think too generically about your niche and simply use Jaaxy to come up with ideas.

So, then every keyword you target is almost "robotic" in nature. It's the same thing again and again.

It's better to actually research the niche first before you do keyword research.

This will give you an idea of what people in your niche actually discuss and want to know about.

Go to Google and type in:

"Tall women clothing + forums"

"Tall women problems + forums"

Then go to Quora and then Reddit and type:

"Tall Women Clothing"

And afterwards

"Tall Women Problems"

Then go Facebook and find "Tall Women Groups"

Spend a day (or two) getting ideas, reading discussions, taking notes, etc.

I guarantee you'll come up with a ton of ideas on topics to write about.

Basically, fully immerse yourself in research and the actual topics people in your niche are discussing before you choose keywords.

I always tell people, "Don't write about what YOU want, write about what YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE wants to know".

In other words, your website is not about YOU, it's about THEM"

Off the top of my head (not being a tall woman obviously) you may come up with articles like:

"Should You Wear Pinstripes if You're Over 6 Foot?"

"Over 5'10" - Cargo Shorts or Hot Pant?"

"What to Wear on a First Date With a Shorter Man?"

"Flaunt My 46inch Legs or Hide Them Away?"

As you can see I clearly know nothing about Pants or Clothing or Issues Faced by Tall Women, Haha (or any women for that matter)...

But hopefully you get my meaning.

Always good standard in your comment Partha , nice one
Neuman Premium
Hi, thank you to you and Paula for clarifying the keyword and how I can broaden it with still revolving around the audience I am writing to. Thank you so much, this will be a helpful guide to getting ideas.:)