Affiliate Marketing - Best Home Based Business Opportunity

Last Update: December 01, 2016

When looking for a good home based on-line business opportunity I use a guide of 8 key questions;

  1. Is the business interesting and fun?
  2. Is the business profitable and provide a good stream of income?
  3. Does the business require you to sell?
  4. Does the business require you to recruit other people?
  5. Does the business require you to stock or ship products?
  6. Does the business require technical skills or knowledge?
  7. Does the business have flexible hours?
  8. Does the business have unlimited growth potential?

I then review each of these questions in detail and determine whether an opportunity meets, exceeds, or fails the test.

I recently wrote an article about Affiliate Marketing with the outcome of how this home based business opportunity fared in my tests. You can read the article here;

I'm not going to give away the farm... So if you are interested in the results then take a look an my in-depth article.


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GayleneNepia Premium
Those are great guidelines Doug, thanks for sharing :-)
networkceo Premium
You're most welcome...

Thanks for reading.
JeffDolson Premium
Great article Doug, thanks for sharing.
networkceo Premium

Glad you stopped by and read it!
StepChook Premium
Thanks, Doug.
networkceo Premium
Sure thing... Hope it provided some value to you.
MKearns Premium
Drives home some great points. Thank you
networkceo Premium
I looked long and hard at yet another Biz Op!

Affiliate Marketing hit the mark.
MPollock Premium
Nice work buddy
networkceo Premium
Thanks for the read and the comments...