My Top Entrepreneur Tips

Last Update: December 26, 2017

My Top Successful Entrepreneurs Tips!

So I just wanted to share a little bit of what my Top Entrepreneur tips are, that will lead you to more success. My #1 entrepreneur tip I have for you, is to always bet on your strength! There are a lot of things you will need to work on, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of your strengths and get started right away.

"Hard work" is good right?

My #2 tip I have for successful entrepreneurs is to work with intent. Many people think that if I work hard I can do anything I want, this is partly true but not completely. Working hard has always been viewed as a good characteristic, but it may be irrelevant to success. Hard work does not equal results, hard work does not encourage innovation, and hard work is not efficient.

The reason that hard work may not be the best work in my opinion is based off of one of many examples, and for the sake of examples I'll use Netflix. How they run their business and how they laid off 1/3rd of their employees in 2001 not based on how long they worked, or how hard they worked, but solely on what they contributed, and how they impacted the company's bottom line. Netflix says, "we don't measure people by how many hours they work or how much they are in the office", but "we do care about accomplishment of great work." Netflix goes by rating levels of performance such as, sustained B level performance, despite "A for effort", generates a generous severance package, with respect rather than sustaining an A- level performance, despite minimal effort, is rewarded with more responsibility and great pay. These are there outline for how their employees should work. They focus on results, innovation, and Company performance rather than effort spent or hours worked.

So back to my entrepreneur tip is to make sure you work with intent, work efficient, and work on improving how you work, and the efficiency of your work. This is the work that is going to help you achieve success!

Putting business into perspective

My #3 entrepreneur tip is to put business in perspective, by this I mean decide how important your business is when it comes to your personal life when you're having a bad day remember that it's just that a bad day, you're not getting a phone call saying that a family member was in a really bad accident or something to that extent it's going to be okay if you have a bad day or if you're going through a bad moment with your business.

Successful entrepreneur tip 4 is don't ever look storytelling! Storytelling isn't talked about much in the business or marketing world yet but it's becoming more and more known. Storytelling is what creates the emotional connection with your consumer, the secret is to understand what the consumer wants then backtrack to tell the story to get their attention.

Customer Service.

Successful Entrepreneur Tip 5 care about your customer! when it comes to caring about your customer this can make or break your business. Sometimes going out of your way to take care of your customer doesn't make sense in the terms of your Roi, but could have essentially be how are your customer service brand is known. For example a order doesn't arrive on time in your customer calls telling you that they need there order to be delivered on time for their party, you may not see the sense and putting their order in your car and driving it to their door, and it may even cost you money, but since you didn't in the customer was happy that story turns into your impeccable customer service!

Execute what matters!

Successful entrepreneur tip 6 decide and execute the things that matter! This means decide what's important for your business, or decide what's important to help you achieve your next goal then figure out the steps and execute them to reach that goal.

No Excuses, Take Action!

Successful entrepreneur tip 7 don't make excuses, Take Action! Building a business is hard, it takes commitment, and time. If you're not ready to do the work then you simply will not be successful. there is no overnight success, or get rich scheme if so everyone would do it. Everyone reads,and studies how to win but, nobody takes action nobody is doing.

Why Success is Hard for Some!

Too many people have the things they say, the things they're going to do, and their ambitions, so far ahead of their actions! so many want to build profitable companies, but yet, are scared to work a 12-hour day. we need to catch up our actions to our ambitions! Building a company, being an entrepreneur, it's supposed to be hard, you want to make millions of dollars and live a perfect life, why should that be easy? Most people with their Ambitions for startups or careers, are projecting to a 1% lifestyle, do you know how that math works out?

Be practical be realistic! Make sure your doing this, because it is your passion or you will give up, on a hard day. You can do this but you must do it for the right reasons and the right way. There is a method to the madness, things have been tried, and tweaked to work to perfection, look for leadership, take action and never give up on your road to being a successful entrepreneur. Please like this post if you agree with my tips and if you have some other valuable tips please feel free to leave them in the comments!

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subcpo14 Premium
Great high-level overview. Jay
JonRault Premium
Good points well made. I used to struggle with taking action until I realized that the goals I was setting myself were too large. This all changed when I discovered that braking tasks down in to small easily achievable chunks removed the resistance to getting started. I am getting so much more important work done these days.
Memorylaneuk Premium
Great post and I totally agree with all of your tips. A great motivational read to come back to after the holidays.
With Grace and Gratitude
MKearns Premium
Yes tackle it straight on and always put the customer first!
jarodsonfire Premium
Great tips! 100% agree on caring about your customer, they are what build your business after all! :)
Nekko26 Premium
I agree! I heard a story today about how a wine store employee, who drove a wine order that didn't get arrive on time,to the customers house. What made it so great thou is it was a holiday, and the store was very busy, on top of that the employee that left in middle of the rush, was one of the best salesmen there. The weather was also bad whitch was the reason for the late order. So even though there wasn't a RoI on doing that, it build and stood ahead of any customer service ever heard of in that industry and was what build his customer service reputation, I'm sure this has made him more than that store rush could have ever brought in!