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Last Update: January 16, 2018

Finding Your Leader!

So today I just want to ask everyone who their leaders are! In my opinion we all need a leader, When I joined wealthy affiliate I went to the top 200 list and followed all the top leaders and the most experienced, in wealthy affiliate. I felt like who better to learn from than the ones who have figured out what worked for them.

One of my biggest role models and leaders is Gary Vaynerchuk, He's a amazing Entrepreneur who has found success time and time again. He tells it how it is, because he cares, He really enjoys learning for himself, while helping aspiring entrepreneurs. I only hope to smash through and make it to a few of his higher milestones in his career.

So now I ask you who is your Leader, Your Go to Motivation, Who gets your Fire going on a hard day.
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BillandSue Premium
Hi Neiko,
It is true we all need leaders.

My favorites in the network marketing/internet affiliate marketing would be Eric Worre, our own Kyle, Les Brown Jim Rohn (passed on-but his books and training lives on), Harvey Hess, Frank Vandersloot just to name a few.

We all need inspiration and help from time to time and these guys are top notch.

Memorylaneuk Premium
In my years in network marketing, which I am not part of anymore but still value its business model, I was exposed to many inspirational leaders, through books or hearing them speak at conferences. Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins are high up there but there was one guy who really got to me. His name was Steve Shapiro and he wrote Listening for success and had a coaching and speaking Company based on the same.
He is sadly no longer with us but as I go through Wealthy Affiliate and become engaged again with motivational reading, I think of him often.
With Grace and Gratitude
Flash4 Premium
David Willcock motivates and teaches me. He can be seen on Gaia website with lots of whistleblowers who have opened my eyes to what's going on on planet Earth as well as other planets that I thought were uninhabitable.
Goes without saying that Kyle & Carson are up there too.
Cheers Jae
buffetearns Premium
There are so many that inspire me. I can look close to home - on this platform, the members! I am inspired from the passion of the originators of Wealthy Affiliate!

I learnt of Warren Buffet three or four years ago, what a wonderful experience he has lived, what a Role Model.

There is good in everyone, that inspires me!

Take tips from the Role Models but when you find the true passion within, You Are The True Leader!

Excellent post Nekko, one of those posts that requires us to delve deeper and think!

WindyCityUSA Premium
Tony Robbins